Neroutsos Inlet

Netoutsos Inlet, Vancouver Island, BC
Netoutsos Inlet, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

The Neroutsos Inlet is located on Vancouver Island and is part of Quatsino Sound. Saltwater fishing is incredible here and the many sheltered bays and small islands make it a perfect for kayaking. At the southern end of the inlet is the town of Port Alice, this is a great place to put in a kayak to head out on an adventure.

Quotsino is a great place to visit, it’s just on the outside of the inlet and there is the Marble River area with its deep canyon and beautiful river flowing into it. I think as far as beauty goes, Neroutsos Inlet is one of the prettiest inlets on the island. Its a boaters paradise filled with white sandy beaches and windswept rocky bluffs, a place of misty forests and waterfalls, a place of wonder. You will find so much to do here. I always do.

Neroutsos Inlet, Vancouver Island, BC
Netoutsos Inlet, Vancouver Island, BC, Photo By Bud Logan

Just down from the Port Alice pulp mill is the Colonial Creek Estuary where you can always see black bears and deer. From there you can head up the inlet to begin exploring. There are so many places to explore here that you could kayak for weeks without seeing it all.

The Fishing is incredible here and there are many runs of salmon along with plenty of bottom fish to keep you busy. The rivers that empty into the inlet are full of trout and all have various steelhead runs.

The wildlife viewing is incredible here with bears, cougars, deer, and elk along with plenty of smaller animals and birds to see, you have a great chance of seeing whales, sea lions, seals, and various other animals so when you visit, bring your camera with you.

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2 thoughts on “Neroutsos Inlet”

  1. HI BUD – I lived in Port Alice many years ago. My son, Paul was born in the old Port Alice hospital 50 years ago.
    Right now, I am making him an album about his life, and of course, it all started out in Port Alice.
    I found your interesting article about the Neroutsos Inlet area while I was browsing the internet, intending to print off some appropiate features about the Port Alice area to put in the above album. However, I was disappointed that I cannot do that because of copyright I guess. I really liked your writing with the great photos – it would have looked good in this Album.
    Margaret Howard

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