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Alice Lake

The Regional District has built a campground on Alice Lake, and it’s by far, the prettiest campground on the island, for camping at its finest, you must come and visit this Lake. This is a very popular campground and can get pretty busy in the summer but there are many other great campgrounds within a short drive from here, so you should be able to find a spot at one of them. Read More….



Antler Lake

Antler lake is located about 3km from the town of Gold River. The recreational site is well looked after with picnic sites with fire pits and tables. This is a day-use site with no camping. It is a very pretty place and you will have plenty of opportunities to view a wide variety of wildlife and birds. Don’t forget to bring your camera. Read More….



Anuntz Lake

To get to Anuntz Lake you head up the inland island highway from Woss until you come to the Zeballos turn off. From there, you head down the Zeballos road until you come to the river main road. Turn here and drive until you reach the anuntz lake recreational site turn off. I would recommend that you use a truck as this road can get rough. Read More….



Atluck Lake

Atluck lake is a lovely lake that is fair in size. This is one of those great lakes of Vancouver Island, A real jewel of a lake. A lake surrounded by snow-covered mountains nestled in a narrow valley that is filled with wildlife. The birdlife is incredible, don’t forget to bring your camera. There is a real good chance you will see black bears, roosevelt elk, blacktail deer or any number of smaller creatures like raccoons, otters or pine martins. Read More….



Bacon Lake

Bacon Lake is located above the north side of Upper Campbell Lake. Its a great little lake for camping and fishing. You will get some incredible views from the area. The lake is named after H.N. Bacon, who was a guide for the province’s exploratory survey of Strathcona Park. He was the main player in the creation of Strathcona Park and guided many parties throughout the area in the early years of the park. Read More….



Battleship Lake

Battleship lake is located in Strathcona Park, up on beautiful forbidden plateau. The Plateau is covered in lakes with trails connecting them all. As you hike along these trails you will be visited by the Whisky Jacks, or camp Robbers as they are sometimes called, their real name is the Gray Jay and they are so much a part of the landscape, not just here, but in all the high country of the coast. Read More….



Beaver Lake

Beaver lake is located near the town of Port Alice. The lake is quite shallow.  There are some nice trails in the area and plenty of wildlife for your camera, the birding is awesome and you can see some of the islands frogs and salamanders here. You will have a good chance in seeing Black Bears, Cougars, Elk, Deer, Raccoons, Pine Martins and so many types of birds. There is a nice picnic site here. Read More….



Beavertail Lake

All camping has been stopped here, there is a great day-use area for your use. Beavertail lake is located just off the elk river timber road. You head out of Campbell River on the Gold River highway until you reach echo lake. Turn right on to the e.r.t. road and travel for another 10 km until you reach the lake turnoff to the campsite and boat launch. Read More….



Benson Lake

Benson Lake is a small but very deep coastal mountain lake situated in the coastal western hemlock zone on the northern end of Vancouver Island. From August 1962 through January 1973, the Benson Lake Coast Copper Mine, operated by Cominco Ltd. disposed of its mine tailings by depositing them, under permit, into the deep basin of the lake. Read More….



Big Bay

Big bay is part of Lower Campbell lake. There are many, many places to camp here at big bay and they all offer something. Some are great places to fish, others are great for swimming. Some can have large groups camp together and most of the camping spots are free to camp at and are maintained by the BC Forest Service. There are many spots that can be reached by boat that give you complete privacy, great if you have dogs that bark. Read More….



Blackwater Lake

Blackwater lake is long, narrow and somewhat winding, with a range of shoreline features including reed and sedge filled bays, rocky points, and an interesting estuary at the south end of the lake where the water from amour lake flows in via a short creek. Just about every time we visit this lake, we see river otters playing along the shore. Read More….



Blue Grouse Lake

Blue Grouse lake is a small but very pretty lake located in the oyster river watershed, the area is a great place to camp and fish, camping is in an unimproved campsite. There is lots of wildlife in the area and you could see black bears, elk, deer, cougars, wolves, and many other types smaller animals, the birdlife here is incredible and you can see both songbirds and the raptures that hunt them, you could see several types of grouse here as well. Read More….



Brannen Lake

Brannen lake is located just outside Nanaimo on the Nanaimo Parkway. This is an urban lake with good access. There is a youth jail situated on this lake and access is strictly forbidden on the section of the lake that borders the jail. There is a great beach for swimming just north of the jail, there picnic tables, a boat launch and a very well built wharf here for your use. The tables are in a section of big trees and have plenty of shade. Read More….



Brewster Lake

Brewster lake is one of the biggest lakes on the Sayward valley canoe route. This lake has numerous well-maintained campsites and boat launches for your use, plus many more campsites that are not maintained but are great for more private camping.  Back in the 50s, there was a huge logging camp at the lake, hundreds of people lived here,  a lot of the people I grew up with were originally from here. Read More….



Bull Lake

The road into Tahsis can be rough and the climb up to bull lake is tough on the auto but well worth the drive. When it’s raining, the road can become very slippery so please drive carefully under these conditions. This is a very active road and can have both domestic and heavy transport vehicles running on it. Bull lake is located on the Tahsis road at its highest point.  After the climb up the hump, it’s nice to just stop at Bull lake and unwind before heading down the other side. Read More….



Buttle Lake

Buttle Lake is a long and deep lake. All along one side of the lake runs the Westmin mine road. This road gives you easy access to this lake. There are numerous campgrounds all along this lake with full use boat ramps. This lake is in Strathcona Park and has many of the park’s trails leaving from the shores of buttle lake. Some of these trails are on the far side of the lake like the marble meadows trail and must be accessed by boat. The aug trail and flower ridge trail are on the roadside of the lake. Read More….



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