Beavertail Lake

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Lakes, Pacific Northwest

Beavertail lake is located just off the elk river timber road. You head out of Campbell River on the Gold River highway until you reach echo lake. Turn right on to the e.r.t. road and travel for another 10 km until you reach the  lake turn off to the campsite and boat launch.

There is good access to Beavertail Lake for boat launching and some great fishing here. The campsite is well maintained and clean. The Lake is stocked with rainbow trout, Some are quite nice in size. The lake also has a natural run of kokanee, dolly varden and cutthroat trout. These fish can get quite big. Trolling is the best way to fish this lake but spin casting or fly fishing works well too. I have had great luck bottom fishing this lake. Bobber fishing from the rock cliffs on the edge of the lake can be productive just at dark.

Beavertail Lake
Beavertail Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

There are two good camping spots on the lake, one is right alongside the ERT logging road, has a dock, several sites to camp and lots of beach access, the downside to this otherwise beautiful spot is the noise and dust from traffic on the gravel road. If you take the beavertail lake road, it will take you to a beautiful campground on the west side of the lake, there is a boat launch, pit toilets and picnic tables here and its far less dusty or noisy here.

This is a very nice lake that is close to town and great for camping. There is a great chance to see deer, elk, bears, or beavers here, as well as raccoons, pine martins and many types of birds, so bring your camera.You can take home some memories.

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