Blackwater Lake

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Lakes, Pacific Northwest

Blackwater Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Blackwater Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

Blackwater lake is long, narrow and somewhat winding, with a range of shoreline features including reed and sedge filled bays, rocky points, and an interesting estuary at the south end of the lake where the water from amour lake flows in via a short creek. Just about every time we visit Blackwater Lake, we see river otters playing along the shore. Watching these comical little creatures sliding along on their bellies as their friends all try to slide with each other is just awesome, or at a few spots that have clay banks, these whimsical little ones have created slides and will take turns sliding down into the lake with a splash.

Blackwater lake is a great little lake for fishing. I personally like to fish where the creek that comes from amour lake flows in. I have never been skunked at blackwater lake and have fished there for 40 years. This is a long, narrow lake and is best fished from a canoe, there are several spots where you can camp that are ideal for putting in a canoe, kayak or car top boat.

Blackwater Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Blackwater Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

There are many other small lakes in the area that are good fishing, most have unimproved campsites.

When fishing from the shore, i like to bottom fish this lake, if you can spin cast here, use a spinner with dark green in it. Trolling works well too. Fly fishing at the shore from a canoe is the best though.

I have caught some big trout in Blackwater Lake, the lake contains rainbow, cutthroat and dolly varden trout.

There is plenty of wildlife here, you could see black bears, roosevelt elk, black tail deer, wolves, cougars and many types of smaller creatures along with river otters, look in the forest for an abundance of of bird life. Camping is great and please remember to bring your camera.

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