Brewster Lake

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Lakes, Pacific Northwest

Brewster Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Brewster Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

Brewster lake is one of the biggest lakes on the Sayward valley canoe route. This lake has numerous well maintained camp sites and boat launches for your use, plus many more camp sites that are not maintained but are great for more private camping.

Back in the 50s, there was a huge logging camp at the lake, hundreds of people lived here, they had a marriage quarters with beautiful little houses that had flower gardens and vegetable gardens, a lot of the people i grew up with were originally from here. The little houses from the camp were moved into town and most of the homes in Campbellton are these houses, there were many. The camp now is almost completely gone and not much is left to see.

The lake itself is great for fishing and I have caught some pretty big fish here. The lake has stocked rainbow and cut-throat trout that can reach 3 to 3.5 kg in weight. The best way to fish this lake is by trolling but I have just as good luck fishing from the shore or off the bridge that goes over the narrows at the west end.

Brewster lake is part of the watershed that feeds the john hart power station. To insure that enough water flows all year, a diversion has been installed on the salmon river and a man made channel has been built to deliver this water to Brewster lake.

Brewster Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Brewster Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

When the water is low in the fall and you can gain access to this flow, just above Brewster lake the diversion runs through a peat bog and even though the stream may only be 10 feet across, it is a good 50 feet deep and holds some great big fish.

You fish this area just above the lake, right above the waterfall.


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