Bull Lake

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Lakes, Pacific Northwest

Bull Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Bull Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

The road into Tahsis can be rough and the climb up to bull lake is tough on the auto but well worth the drive. When its raining, the road can become very slippery so please drive carefully under these conditions. This is a very active road and can have both domestic and heavy transport vehicles running on it.

Bull lake is located on the Tahsis road at its highest point, we hit snow at the beginning of May at this point. After the climb up the hump, its nice to just stop at Bull lake and unwind before heading down the other side.

Bull Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Bull Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

There are a variety of plants growing here that are quite beautiful, yellow violets, lady slippers, king gentians and a variety of bog flowers. There is always the possibility of seeing cougars, bears, elk, deer and many different types of birds.

The fishing in Bull Lake is good for rainbows and cutthroat trout and you can have best results from trolling in a canoe or small boat. There is not much of a shore area where you can put in a canoe, kayak or car top boat but you can do it and its worth it as the lakes is quite pleasant to explore by one of these crafts.

This is a great place to pick mushrooms in the fall. There are a lot of pines here along with lots of other edible mushrooms, but please, make sure you know for certain which mushrooms you are harvesting.

There is a great little spot down by the lake, behind the sign, where you can have a rest after the climb up the hill. Take your camera down with you as you never know what you might see.

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