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Cameron lake

Cameron lake is located on the Port Alberni Highway. You will find a resort, a picnic area and boat launch at the east end of Cameron Lake and the start of the cathedral grove forest at the west end. Macmillan Provincial Park runs along the south side of the lake. The picnic area has a great beach that is an awesome place for the kids to get wet and play. Read More….



Cedar Lake

Cedar lake is located on the mud lake road. This low elevation lake has some great fishing for decent trout up to 40 cm in size. A recreational site with a car-top boat launch can be found on the lake. I have been coming to this lake for years, always enjoyed my time here. Take the mud lake road, left, off hwy 19 at Robert’s lake and follow it to cedar lake.  Read More….



Circlet Lake

Circlet lake Is a beautiful lake found in the backcountry of Strathcona Park. This is a stocked lake. Circlet lake is a 9 km hike one way from the trailhead at Mount Washington. The fishing picks up when the ice melts in the early summer. The lake is located in paradise meadows, a wonderful high country plateau with many hiking trails, both short and long that will take to this lake as well as many others located here. Read More….



Comox Lake

Comox Lake is a very pretty lake with some awesome bays and shoreline forests, you can see all kinds of wildlife here including plenty of birds. I saw a spirit deer here when l was a young man, just an awesome sight to see. It was as white as snow and the day I saw it, it was foggy out. The spirit deer walked out of the fog and came within 3 meters of me as he walked by. I just held my breath. Read More….



Cowichan Lake

Cowichan lake Is one of the biggest and most popular lakes on Vancouver Island. This lake is 40 km long and has more than 100 km of shoreline. There are numerous campgrounds, resorts and 2 parks on the lake, plenty of beaches and lots of bluffs for diving, all in all, a wonderful lake. The towns of Youbou and Lake Cowichan are both located on Cowichan Lake. Read More….



Croteau Lake

Croteau lake is located in Strathcona Park on forbidden plateau. You reach the lake by trail from the Mount Washington ski area and head into Paradise Meadows, there are many lakes here and trails to most of them. We hike up here both summer and winter. Hiking up here is an incredible experience that can be enjoyed even by the elderly as it is fairly level with well-built trails. I have run into people of all abilities and hiking skills here. Read More….



Darlington Lake

Darlington Lake is one of two lakes that are just past the Franklin River shop on the way to Bamfield, The other lake is Francis Lake. Darlington lake is only 13 hectares in size. It’s a nice little lake though. About mid down the lake, just off the road, is a very rough campsite. There is a place to launch a car-top here and right next to it, is a fast-running creek with very cold, fresh water.  Read More….



Drum Lakes

The Drum Lakes are accessed from the Highway 28 just east of Gold River. What appears to be one lake is made up of two lakes really. There is parking at the trailhead and you could put in a car-top boat there. These are nice little lakes surrounded by mountains and forest. You can view all kinds of wildlife here. Bring your camera. Lots of elk are always in the area. Read More….



Echo Lake

Echo lake Is located on Highway 28 about 8 miles up from Campbell River. At one time there was a lodge on the shores of the lake but it has long since burnt down. Two of my school mates lived at the lodge when I was a young boy back in the early 60s. I always envied them. Elk river timber had their camp 8 at the west end of the lake at the time. Read More….



Elk & Beaver Lakes

The Elk, Beaver Lake are found alongside the pat bay highway north of Victoria. There are a variety of access points to these lakes. A wide channel joins the lakes together, with beaver lake being the southernmost lake. There is a fishing wharf along with several boat launches on the lake. These lakes are quite unique for Vancouver Island because there are smallmouth bass, big mouth bass, freshwater perch and both cutthroat and rainbow trout. Read More….



Fairy Lake

Fairy lake is located close to Port Renfrew. You use the paved Harris Creek mainline to get there. This a pretty little lake with some awesome views. There is a very small island on the lake with a tree growing on it, this island has been photographed by so many people, it is such a beautiful little island. There is abundant wildlife for your viewing and the fishing is quite good. Read More….



Farewell Lake

Farewell lake is one of those lakes that when you first see it, it takes your breath away. It is such a pretty lake. It is located on the blackwater lake road. You can also access the lake using the lake view road at Roberts lake store. There is an abundance of wildlife in this area and l saw the biggest cougar l have ever seen just down the road from here as well as large herds of elk and plenty of birds.  Read More….



Forbes Landing

James Forbes was born in Wick, Scotland and was a saddler by trade. He had lived in the USA and then did a stint in Victoria before moving to the Lower Campbell Lake area in 1910. James purchased land from the Cudahy Timber Company from their holdings in the area. James worked in the area for the timber company, along with various other jobs. Read More….



Fry Lake

Fry lake is a great little lake to camp at and the fishing can be incredible, I have caught fish in the 2 plus kilo size here. There are a number of good, well maintained recreational sites on the lake and some very good hiking trails. There is also a small cave just off the road for you to discover, look for a very small pile of rocks and head into the bush about 10 meters, look for a small hole in the ground. Read More….



Fuller Lake

Fuller Lake is quite popular for swimming, fishing, and boating (electric motors only) located just outside Chemainus. The park has an incredible beach area, lots of space for picnics, a fishing pier, boat ramp, and full washroom facilities. The lake park is a day-use park only. From the parking area, you walk down a grassy clearing to beautiful but small sandy and pebbled beach. Read More….



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