Fry Lake

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Lakes, Pacific Northwest

Fry Lake
Fry Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

Fry lake is a great little lake to camp at and the fishing can be incredible, I have caught fish in the 2 plus kilo size here. There are a number of good, well maintained recreational sites on the lake and some very good hiking trails.

There is also a small cave just off the road for you to discover, look for a very small pile of rocks and head into the bush about 10 meters, look for a small hole in the ground.

Fry lake is part of the sayward valley canoe route. As a young man, I had the opportunity to build some of this route and repair all the route. It was a winter job and canoeing this route in the winter was awesome.

The wildlife here is incredible, lots of bears, wolves, elk, deer and cougars. There are many smaller animals along with plenty of bird life so bring your camera and have an lsland adventure.