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Gooseneck Lake

Gooseneck lake has always been a great fishing lake. The first time I fished this lake was in 1961, I was with my father and an old guy named Paddy. Now Paddy knew every lake in the area of Campbell River and he took my dad and us kids under his wing when we moved here and showed us his fishing holes, this lake was one of these. There is a rustic boat launch with camping at the lake. Read More….



Gray Lake

Gray lake is between fry lake and Brewster lake, this is a pretty little lake with some big fish. I pulled a 3 kg out of here a number of years ago. At one time you could cross the trestle to the far side of the lake, I used to go mushrooming over there. The lake is part of the Sayward valley canoe route. Read More….



Hairtrigger Lake

Hairtrigger lake is one of those rare jewels of a lake. The fishing is only adequate and the hike is a long one, but take a look folks. Its got to be one of the prettiest lakes on the island and a bright jewel in the crown of Strathcona Park. This is one of the premier spots on the whole plateau, the journey is worth it, the end result is incredible. Read More….



Hoomak Lake

Hoomak lake is in between the Sayward Valley and Port McNeill on the north island hwy, not very far from Woss. It’s a very nice little lake. There is a rest area with a trail that takes you down to the lake through a series of railed steps. There is a hook up to the lake trail from the bottom of the stairs and another way to join from the north end of the parking lot, just past the restrooms. Read More….



Horne Lake

Horne lake has two incredibly beautiful parks that offer a wide range of activities for all ages and abilities. Visit Horne Lake for adventures in caving, canoeing or camping, or to just relax and enjoy the sites. The Horne Lake road is accessed, just north of Qualicum Beach. You can reach it from the old Hwy or there is a turn off on the inland Island Hwy. Read More….



John Hart Lake

John Hart Lake is a man-made lake just northwest of Campbell River. BC Hydro has a dam built there to supply water for electrical power creation. The john hart dam was completed in 1947. The dam and most of the lake is in the elk falls park boundaries and the lake itself is protected as it is the water supply for the City of Campbell River. Read More….



Kains Lake

Kains Lake is located on the Holberg rd about west 14 km of Port Hardy. The fishing is good but the cutthroat trout are slow-growing and mostly run between 20 to 40 cm, but the odd one will reach up to 3.5 kg. The lake receives very little fishing pressure and you will usually have the lake to yourself. There is a nice little campsite here and a car-top boat launch. Read More….



Kennedy Lake

Kennedy lake is a gateway for boats, kayaks, and canoes looking to access the Clayoquot Arm Provincial Park. The larger day-use picnic site located on the lake is situated on the southeast side of the lake. It includes a sandy beach area, picnic tables, swimming area with a floating dock, pit toilets, a boat launch, and day-use campsites. Parking is limited and many park on the side of Hwy when overcrowded. Read More….



Klaklakama Lake

Klaklakama Lake is called the highlight of the Nimpkish Valley by some, I do agree. You can access this lake with a car. There is a nice recreational site on the lake. To reach the lake, take the inland island hwy past the Sayward Valley turn off until you reach the Mount Cain ski hill road. Turn onto Mount Davie Road and then south onto the Duncan Road. Go another 2 km and then turn left on the Nimpkish Main South, another km will get you to the lakes. Read More….



Kunlin Lake

Kunlin lake is located just southeast of the town of Gold River, use the Ucana Road, I recommend that a truck be used, a 4×4 truck. The wildlife is incredible here with black bears, deer, elk, cougars and lots of smaller forest animals like raccoons, pine martins and squirrels, and the birdlife here is incredible so bring a camera and take home some memories. Read More….



Kwai Lake

Kwai lake is not a great fishing lake but there are lots of small stocked rainbow trout here. But the lake and its surroundings are a sight to see. It’s a high alpine lake set in the paradise meadows area of Strathcona Park. Paradise Meadows is the best place in the park, more people hike the trails here than anywhere else, it’s just so easy to get up into the alpine area, the Mount Washington Road takes you right to the trailhead. Read More….



Lady Lake

Lady Lake is located in Strathcona Park up on the forbidden plateau, very beautiful setting for sure. The forbidden plateau is a beautiful plateau on the east of the Vancouver Island, British Columbia, located northwest of Comox lake, roughly between Mount Albert Edward to the southwest and Mount Washington to the northeast. This is such a pretty lake, a jewel of Strathcona Park. Read More….



Lake Helen Mckenzie

Lake Helen Mckenzie is a very pretty lake set amongst the high altitude forests of forbidden plateau in Strathcona Park. The lake is located to the west of battleship lake and is a great day hike. It is reached by a 6.8 km return hike from the paradise meadows trailhead near the Mount Washington ski area. Read More….



Lizard Lake

Lizard lake is a nice little lake on the South Island. Lizard lake is a very popular lake 18 km northeast of Port Renfrew. It is easily accessed off the Harris Creek mainline. The lake gets its name from the salamanders who live and breed here, there are many. The west coast wet rain forests are perfect for these salamanders to breed in and this lake seems to be very popular to them. Read More….



Lost Lake

Lost lake is one of those small wonders that are all over Vancouver Island, great camping, wonderful fishing and wildlife that is all around you. This is a jewel of a lake in a wondrous setting. Come and see for yourself. The fishing is great and the lake is super pretty. Fly fishing is pretty awesome here, the shore has lots of shallows with lilies and other plants that are ideal for fly fishing. Read More….



Lower Campbell Lake

Lower Campbell Lake is a very large man-made lake. This lake has many points of access and many campgrounds. If you added up the number of sites available for camping on this lake, it would probably be in the thousands. There are at least 9 well-maintained campgrounds with boat launches. Some of these sites are top of the line like Loveland bay and the miller creek site. Read More….



Lower Quinsam Lake

The lower quinsam lake is one of three lakes on the quinsam river. Over the years I have fished and camped at them all many times. At one time you could drive by two-wheel drive from mirror lake on the elk river road to the Comox logging road, crossing the quinsam river just above lower quinsam lake. There were a number of nice sites to camp at and the fishing was awesome. Read More….



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