Hairtrigger Lake

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Hairtrigger lake is one of those rare jewels of a lake. The fishing is only adequate and the hike is long one, but take a look folks. Its got to be one of the prettiest lakes on the island and a bright jewel in the crown of Strathcona Park, Vancouver Island. This is one of the premier spots on the whole plateau, the journey is worth it, the end result is incredible.

Hairtrigger lake is located in the forbidden plateau area of Strathcona Park. The scenery is absolutely stunning, breathtaking even. The trees, the meadows, the mountains, and snowfields are just beautiful. Take a walk and see nature at its finest.

The lake is stocked with rainbows every few years and there are a few campsites for your use. The fish are small but tasty, the campsites are rough but that’s OK. This is a great spot to make a base camp, from here you can head up onto the Comox glacier or into many other deeper areas of the plateau.

Hairtrigger Lake
Hairtrigger Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

The views from this lake of the mountains and Ice fields will stop you in your tracks and take your breath away, looking towards the mountains, the end of the lake seems to just drop off into space and you wonder what’s holding the lake in. The first time I saw this, I had to sit and stare with wonder at its awesomeness. It’s quite the view.

This is one of the prettiest lakes on the forbidden plateau. When you are at this lake, watch for the whiskey jacks, they will eat out of your hand, they will eat almost anything, but I have found they really enjoy pepperoni and granola bars, so stock up on these before heading up.

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