Hoomak Lake

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Hoomak Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Hoomak Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

Hoomak lake is in between the Sayward Valley and Port McNeill on the north island hwy, not very far from Woss. Its a very nice little lake. There is a rest area with a trail that takes you down to the lake through a series of railed steps. There is a hook up to the lake trail from the bottom of the stairs and another way to join from the north end of the parking lot, just past the restrooms.

The trail system that follows along the shoreline is a nice walk, there are interpretive signs to inform you of a variety of things. Along the trail, you will find some nice resting benches to just sit and enjoy the lake views. Walk quietly as you go around the lake, and you will have a good chance in see many different types of animals, both big and small plus many types of birds. You could see bears, deer, elk, raccoons, pine martins and birds like songbirds, waterfowl, land birds like grouse and many others. s.

Hoomac Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Hoomac Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

The fishing here can be pretty good in the spring and fall with cutthroat, rainbows and a few Kokanee trout. The rainbows can get to a good size but mostly you will find trout ranging from 25 to 45 cm here. Kayak or canoe is the way to go, its so peaceful fishing like this. You can troll or fly fish here, trolling works well during the day, but flies are best at dusk.

Its a nice spot to stop at for a rest, a bit of a walk to stretch your legs and maybe have /a picnic lunch. We always pull over and take a walk to the lake, its a nice break about half ways to the north island from Campbell River. There is an 8 hour limit to your rest here at Hoomak Lake.

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