Kennedy Lake

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Kennedy Lake is a large freshwater lake located between the communities of Tofino and Ucluelet.  The lake is considered to the best cutthroat lake on the Island.

Try fly fishing for some great fun fighting the big one or try using a spin cast set up with a stickleback Imitation, the stickleback is the cutthroats main diet. When fishing, watch for high winds that can develop rapidly on this lake.

The Kennedy Lake Park is a recreation destination for kayaking, boating, canoeing, picnicking, swimming, camping and sightseeing. The park includes two day use areas, campsites, and a boat launch. Both picnic areas are located on the south end of the lake.

Kennedy Lake
Kennedy Lake, Photo By Robert Logan

The lake is also a gateway for boat, kayaks and canoes looking to access the Clayoquot Arm Provincial Park.

The larger day use picnic site located on the lake is situated on the south east side of the lake. It includes a sandy beach area, picnic tables, swimming area with a floating dock, pit toilets, a boat launch and day use campsites. Parking is limited and many park on the side of Hwy when over crowded.

The smaller day use site has one picnic table, a parking lot with plenty of parking, pit toilets and a boat launch. Although the marine views are captivating from the rock outcroppings at this day site, it is still mainly used as a boat launch. The smaller day use area is located on the southern tip of the lake.

Kennedy Lake
Kennedy Lake, Photo By Robert Logan

If not enjoying the day use sites, then most are on the lake boating, canoeing, fishing or kayaking. Kayakers and canoeist explore Kennedy Lake for the many bays, coves, islands and waterways connecting to the lake.

There are some wilderness camping opportunities on the lake for kayakers at designated recreation camping sites. There is also a recreational campsite on the southern tip of clayoquot arm. Access to the recreational campground is via kayak, canoe or boat. The campground includes a pit toilet only. There are no services at this campground.

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