Kwai Lake

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Lakes, Pacific Northwest

Kwai Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Kwai Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

Kwai lake is not a great fishing lake but there are lots of small stocked rainbow trout here. But the lake and its surroundings are a sight to see. Its a high alpine lake set in the paradise meadows area of strathcona park. Paradise Meadows is the best place in the park, more people hike the trails here than anywhere else, its just so easy to get up into the alpine area, the Mount Washington Road takes you right to the trail head. From there you can hike to Kwai lake or any of the other lakes in the meadows.

The lake is on a 7 km trail (one way) that leaves from the forbidden plateau area of strathcona park. You get on the trail at the paradise meadows trail head. Its a bit of a walk but the trail is well maintained and the scenery is awesome.

Kwai Lake, Vancouver island, Pacific Northwest
Kwai Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

You will amazed at the incredible beauty of these meadows and the surrounding lakes and mountains, do not forget your camera.

There are numerous lakes in the area that are only a short hike from here that have good fishing, there are also some very nice camping areas at kwai lake.

There is plenty of wildlife here for your viewing, you could see black bears, cougars, wolves, elk, deer and lots of bird life. The Whiskey Jacks will be waiting for you, these beautiful little gray jays will land right on you looking for treats. We like to bring granola bars and pepperoni, they go crazy over either one. Sometimes you can have as many as 10 of these little ones sitting on you at a time, its a pretty cool experience. I have been hiking in the high country my whole life and l never tire of these friendly birds.

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