Lady Lake

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Lakes, Pacific Northwest

Lady Lake is located in Strathcona Park up on the forbidden plateau, very beautiful setting for sure. The forbidden plateau is a beautiful plateau on the east of the Vancouver Island, British Columbia, located northwest of Comox lake, roughly between Mount Albert Edward to the southwest and Mount Washington to the northeast. This is such a pretty lake, a jewel  of Strathcona Park.

The alpine terrain is broken up by small, rugged hills and pitted with small lakes, there are 10 bigger lakes that make up the forbidden plateau lakes. Most of the plateau it is contained within strathcona provincial park. There is a large network of trails for hiking, cross country skiing or access to Mount Albert Edward for climbing

An alpine meadow on mount Beecher in the southwest corner of the plateau is the only site in Canada where the Olympic Onion grows. This onion plant is a low growing perennial wildflower with a couple of flattened, grass like basal leaves which may be toothed. The strongly flattened stem is shorter than the leaves and the flowers are pink in color with deeper pink mid veins, and  pointed tips. The stamens are roughly about 1 to 2 cm  and the anthers are usually yellow. You do not see this flower on most of the island as it is quite rare here, but there are many growing around Lady Lake.

Lady Lake
Lady Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

There is plenty of wildlife here, you could see bears, deer, elk or maybe the Vancouver Island Marmot, the whiskey jacks are quite numerous here and will eat from your hands. They like pepperoni and granola bars and will swarm a hiker who has brought some, eating out of your hands or taking food from your mouth, love these little birds.

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