Lower Quinsam Lake

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Lower Quinsam Lake
Lower Quinsam, Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

The lower quinsam lake is one of three lakes on the quinsam river. Over the years I have fished and camped at them all many times. At one time you could drive by two wheel drive from mirror lake on the elk river road to the comox logging road, crossing the quinsam river just above lower quinsam lake.

There were a number of nice sites to camp at and the fishing was awesome.

Lower Quinsam Lake
Lower Quinsam Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

The bridge is gone now and the four by four trucks have cut such deep ruts into the roadways that now, if you do not have a huge truck with oversize tires, you can not drive in on the road.

The fishing’s still good and if you don’t mind hiking in for a mile or so and getting wet in the flooded areas, the place is still good for camping.

To be honest, you can still reach the lake from the south side and camp there, but the fishing is better on the north shore where the river enters the lake.

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