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Malaspina Lake

The Malaspina lake recreation site is located southeast of Tahsis on the head bay forest service road, it is a day-use site with a short trail leading to a sandy point on the south side of the Lake. Situated adjacent to the road, the lake, and surrounding area provide habitat for trumpeter swans, bald eagles, blacktail deer, raccoons, black bears, and cougars. This is a pretty awesome spot to just stop for a break and look for wildlife. Read More….



Mariwood Lake

Mariwood lake is one of those lakes that can just take your breath away. It has always done that to me. On a foggy morning, it is overwhelming. Mariwood lake is about a 3-hour hike from the paradise meadows trailhead. It is an easy hike that goes through some awesome areas, so bring your camera and be prepared to be amazed. Come in the spring and check out the wildflower display, such majestic beauty. Read More….



McCreight Lake

There are 3 recreation sites on McCreight Lake along with lots of camping areas plus several car-top boat launches. At the west end of the lake, there is a trail that takes you down to where the creek that feeds the lake flows in, there is a nice sandy beach here and lots of room for camping, this is such a nice beach. Read More….



Mcivor Lake

McIvor lake is found 8 km from Campbell River on the Gold River road, Highway 28. This is truly a recreational paradise that has some good fishing. There are many sandy beaches for swimming and loads of free parking. The road in is locked from 11 pm to 7 am. There are picnic areas for your use. Read More….



Merril Lake

Merrill Lake has is a small gravel boat launch along with 4 campsites and an outhouse at the lake rec site. The fishing is good and the scenery is great. There are many old trestles on the lake, I just love these old trestles, awesome to think of just how difficult they must have been to build, amazing. Fires are allowed (except during very dry times) but please bring your own wood, if possible. Otherwise, use only downed deadwood. Read More….



Middle Quinsam Lake

Middle Quinsam lake is located just off the old Argonaut mine road. This is a pretty big lake that holds some big fish. Over the years l have pulled some nice fish from here. I think the first time I was into this lake to fish was back in 1961, the road was very rough, washed out in many places but man, the fishing here and over in Gooseneck lake was incredible. Read More….



Mirror Lake

Mirror lake is just below echo lake and can be reached by driving up the elk river logging road from Campbell River. There are some nice trout in this small lake along with a few rustic campsites. One of the campsites has a decent dock. We love to canoe on this lake as it lives up to its name and can be as clear and calm as a mirror. The camping is quiet here and we love to stargaze at night on this lake. Read More….



Mohun Lake

Mohun Lake is approximately 10 km long and runs in a north-south direction. The lake is widely known as Mohun but the northern part of the lake is called Goose Lake. Some maps list this while others just call the whole lake by Mohun. The goose lake section is my favorite for fishing, canoeing or kayaking. It’s full of small inlets, channels, and bays. Read More….



Morton Lake

Morton Lake Provincial Park includes all of Morton Lake and a section of the shoreline on neighboring Mohun Lake. Canoeing and kayaking is a popular activity in the park and Mohun Lake provides access to the Sayward canoe route, a 47-km route that follows a system of lakes. There is a boat launch on Mohun lake that you access here as well as a put in for Morton lake. Read More….



Muchalat Lake

Muchalat Lake is reached by taking the Gold River east road from the town of Gold River and then turning onto the nimpkish mainline, this road will take you right to the lake. The lake has a very nice recreation site with a car-top boat launch with camping sites,  you can reach this lake with a car as the road is quite good. The campsites are beautiful and the beach is nice for the kids, watch for the floating picnic table that finds its way around the lake. Read More….



Nahmint Lake

The Nahmint Valley is located southwest of Port Alberni. The watershed is full of rivers, lakes, plenty of wildlife and some impressive mountain peaks, like Kiltsa mountain to the north. Klitsa is a Snow-capped mountain visible from Highway 4 on the drive to Tofino. The lake drains into Alberni Inlet along the Nahmint River, which winds its way through some impressive rapids and waterfalls to Nahmint bay on the inlet. Read More….



Nahwitti Lake

Nahwitti Lake is a nice little lake on the road to Holberg on the North Island. This lake is not fished much and does not receive much fishing pressure. There is a recreation site with a car-top boat launch for your use. This is a nice site, very big trees, lots of great views of the lake, lake access is by trails. Read More….



Nanaimo Lakes

The Nanaimo lakes are a series of four very popular recreation lakes located southwest of Nanaimo along the Nanaimo River. You take the Nanaimo river road to reach them. The road is paved to the east end of the first lake, then is a good gravel road from thereon. Camping is available at the first and fourth lake and there are boat launches on all four lakes. Read More….



Nimpkish Lake

Nimpkish lake is located in the nimpkish valley and is a very large lake. The lake is 20 +km long but quite narrow. The wind can come up on this lake and produce some very large waves that will put you to shore to wait it out so be careful. On the other hand, it is a very popular windsurfing lake. Read More….



Nitinat Lake

Nitinat Lake is a beautiful lake, 24 km in length and 1 km wide. Nitinat Lake flows into the ocean at Nitinat narrows, a narrow tidal passage three kilometers long. The Nitinat area is becoming a major tourism center, with the lake being named as one of the world’s ten best windsurfing areas. This adventure land is a popular recreation destination for swimmers, boaters, paddlers, windsurfers, and anglers. Read More….



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