Mcivor Lake

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Mcivor Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Mcivor Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

McIvor lake is found 8 km from Campbell River on the Gold River road, Highway 28. This is truly a recreational paradise that has some good fishing. There are many sandy beaches for swimming and loads of free parking. The road in is locked from 11 pm to 7 am. There are picnic areas for your use.

McIvor lake is part of lower campbell lake and is a starting point to reach many good fishing areas on lower Campbell. There is a good boat launch for your use. The fishing here and in other parts of this lake is awesome and you have a really good chance of hooking into a big fish. I have caught plenty in the 2 to 3 kg range here. The lake joins onto lower campbell lake and this opens up so many places to fish or camp. Its a great lake to visit.

This is the swimming hole for Campbell River. There are many sandy beaches here, some are geared towards the young crowds of teenagers and others are family swim areas. Water skiing is very popular and there are many wonderful places to explore from kayaks.

Mcivor Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Mcivor Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

There are many trails to hike on, my favorite runs from the gate on the road in to the main beach (lions beach) this trail follows the shoreline and the views are fabulous, at one point you go through an area where people have been laying their animal friends to rest, this has been going on here for many years and some of the graves are incredible. This is Campbell Rivers own pet crematory. The care taken with these graves just shows the love people have for their furry friends, and its a must see when you are here hiking.

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    1. Amber, Mcivor lake is part of lower campbell lake, there is no campsites on mcivor but there are plenty on lower campbell and just a couple of miles south is the quinsam river where there is a very large provincial campground

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