Merril Lake

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Lakes, Pacific Northwest

Merril Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Merril Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

The Campbell River forest district covers a huge section of Vancouver Island. It has over 2 million hectares of land, stretching form the pacific ocean to the mainland coast east of Johnstone strait right to Bute Inlet. Merrill lake is part of this district, there is some nice campsites here along with good fishing.

The boundaries of this district encompass half of the Island’s roosevelt elk population, world renowned salmon and steelhead producing rivers, large populations of wildlife and a multitude of other marine mammals, limestone caves, numerous fresh water lake systems, two mountain ranges and a large section of B.C.s temperate rain forest.

The mild climate provides year round opportunities for outdoor recreational activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, caving, horseback riding and mountain bike riding just to identify a small number of potential activities on Vancouver Island.

Merril Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Merril Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

The camping is great along with the fishing in most of the lakes, including Merrill Lake, there is a small gravel boat launch along with 4 campsites and a outhouse at the lake rec site. The fishing is good and the scenery is great. There are many old trestles on the lake, i just love these old trestles, awesome to think of just how difficult they must have been to build, amazing. Fires are allowed (except During very dry times) but please bring your own wood, if possible. Otherwise, use only downed dead wood.

Please leave your campsite in better condition than you found it. All  too often, when we pull into a campsite, the first thing we do is clean up the mess left by others, garbage, broken bottles, even diapers thrown into the forest. One must wonder what the parents of these people were like and how they could teach their offspring to have such poor respect for our natural spaces.

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