Mirror Lake

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Mirror Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Mirror Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

Mirror lake is just below echo lake and can be reached by driving up the elk river logging road from Campbell River. There are some nice trout in this small lake along with a few rustic campsites. One of the campsites has a decent dock.

We love to canoe on this lake as it lives up to its name and can be as clear and calm as a mirror. The camping is quiet here and we love to star gaze at night on this lake.

There is plenty of wildlife here, including bears, elk, black tail deer, squirrels and many of the birds that live or visit the island can be seen here. Lots of songbirds here.

There are many types of wildflowers in the area, my favorite is the Sun dew plant, this plant grows on the old logs that float on the lake, they are coniferous plants that are sticky and once a flying insect lands on the sticky flower, it slams shut on them and the feeds on these bugs.

Mirror Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Mirror Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

If you continue down the road that runs off the e.r.t. road and follows the shore of the lake, you will come to the north shore of lower Quinsam lake, the best way to go is by mountain bike, this will allow you to see the birds and animals without spooking them.

All in all, this is a very nice little lake, just one of the many wonderful lakes in the area. Its easy to get to, great for camping and has such great views, the fishing is good too. You can’t go wrong when you decide to camp at mirror lake, its a nice lake.

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