Mohun Lake

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Mohun Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Mohun Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

Mohun Lake is approximately 10 km long and runs in a north-south direction. The lake is widely known as Mohun but the northern part of the lake is called Goose Lake. Some maps list this while others just call the whole lake by Mohun. The goose lake section is my favorite for fishing, canoeing or kayaking. Its full of small inlets, channels and bays.

One of the Mohun Lake camp-grounds is located right off of the Menzies bay mainline. This is a great spot to put in your canoes, you can take a short paddle up the lake to an island that has a camp-site on it’s south west corner. There is another one at the Mohun, Morton lake area. This campground is built along the shore of Morton lake, but has a parking area right on Mohun which is only about 40 meters from Morton lake.

 Mohun Lake is not restricted to electric motors and gets a fair number of power boats on it, with people fishing, water skiing and sight seeing. So please be careful canoeing and please avoid high speeds in boats when in the vicinity of canoes and kayaks.

Mohun Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Mohun Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

At the narrows at the north end you will find the remains of an old trestle that once spanned the lake, there are only the uprights left. This is the entrance to what is called goose lake, you will find this end to be much more exciting to explore by canoe or kayak, there are many bays to visit, the fishing is awesome.

The wildlife here is incredible, you could see black bears, roosevelt elk, black tail deer, cougars or any number of smaller forest creatures like squirrels, pine martins, raccoons or otters. The bird life here is pretty much a wonder and birders will be kept busy recording the birds they see.

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