Nimpkish Lake

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Lakes, Pacific Northwest

Nimpkish Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Nimpkish Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

Nimpkish lake is located in the nimpkish valley and is a very large lake. The lake is 20 +km long but quite narrow. The wind can come up on this lake and produce some very large waves that will put you to shore to wait it out so be careful. On the other hand, it is a very popular wind surfing lake.

There are dolly varden and cutthroat trout in this lake that can reach impressive sizes. Trolling is the best method to catch those biggies. There are several boat launches and recreational sites on the lake as well as several provincial parks on the lake. The scenery is quite beautiful and there are plenty of mountains to observe and photograph, so bring your camera.

At the north end of the lake is a modern wooden trestle that goes across the nimpkish river just as it leaves the lake, there are many old trestles in the area and they are fun to find and photograph.

Nimpkish Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Nimpkish Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

North Vancouver Island was in a lot of areas, logged by train. I have seen the remains of many old trestles and some of these were incredible feats of engineering. The men who built these trestles had a true understanding of working with wood, to think of the weight of the old steam engine trains and their loads of logs going across these structures just shows the knowledge they had, a lost art form now.

The wildlife in the area is awesome and you have a good chance in seeing wolves, bears, cougars, elk, deer, pine martins, raccoons and a great variety of birds. There are lots of incredible beautiful wildflowers here on the shores of this lake as well. It is quite a wonderland.

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