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Paterson Lake

Paterson lake is located just north of grey lake which is on the Brewster Lake road. Turn onto the Paterson lake road just north of fry lake. Or you can reach the lake from the camp five mainline just above Brewster lake. This Lake has some great fishing in it. I remember coming to this lake when l was just 6 or 7, more than 50 years ago. A friend of my dads had a cabin at the east end of the lake and we would go and spend the weekend fishing the lake. Read More….



Pye Lake

Pye lake is a very deep lake surrounded by a vast forest and lots of wildlife, the camping is great and the fishing is wonderful. You have a good chance of seeing bears, wolves, cougars, elk, deer or one of our smaller forests creatures like raccoons, pine martins and squirrels. There are many types of birds here and the dragonflies on the shore of the lake are incredible to watch as they fly about catching other flying insects. Read More….



Regan Lake

Regan lake is a very nice little lake up in the oyster river area. You can reach the lake from the Comox logging mainline.  This is a quiet lake that most times, you will be the only ones here. There is plenty of wildlife to see here and you can see black bears, elk, deer, cougars, and wolves, along with the little ones like the raccoons, pine martins and squirrels. The birdlife here is awesome, lots of songbirds and we always see red-tailed hawks here. Read More….



Reginald Lake

Reginald Lake is a premier lake for canoeing or kayaking lake. There are so many bays and islands to explore and the loons nest here in the summer months, you can hear them all day long. There are lots of other waterfowl here as well. It’s awesome to just softly paddle around looking at these birds. Watch the water for beavers, we always see them here going about their business of being beavers. Read More….



Roberts Lake

Roberts lake is just north of campbell river on the north Island highway. There is a nice little store and restaurant there that serves awesome food and pastries. The last time l was there, there was a cool museum full of great stuff. There also was a number of cabins that you could rent. The lake is a deep lake right at the base of Menzies mountain. Read More….



Schoen Lake

Schoen Lake and area gives you access to wilderness hiking, fishing and camping, the lake is one of the most beautiful lakes on Vancouver Island. Schoen lake park is located northwest of Campbell River in the nimpkish valley, the park is a little more primitive than some parks, but the chance to view nature in all its glory more than makes up for the lack of modern amenities. This is a nice lake with breathtaking beauty all around it. Read More….



Shawnigan Lake

Shawnigan lake is one of the more beautiful lakes on the east coast of Vancouver Island. A paved road circles the lake, given access to the whole lake. The lake is an excellent lake for kayaks, canoes and is a favorite water ski lake on southern Vancouver Island. Windsurfing is getting to be popular here. This is a beautiful lake, a true gem. Read More….



Snakehead Lake

Access to the lake is right at the picnic area off of Highway 28, approximately 30 km (18.6 miles) southwest of Campbell River. The picnic site pullout is right at the lake. Although no campsites are provided, wilderness camping is permitted. A car-top boat launch is available. The best fishing for the abundant cutthroat trout is from April to June and September to October.  Read More….



Spectacle Lake

Spectacle Lake and surrounding park are located north of Victoria up on the Malahat range of southern Vancouver Island. An easy 2 km hiking trail circles the lake, with wooden bridges crossing the creeks and marshy areas that flow into spectacle lake. There is a great abundance of birds here and a wonderful place to take a quiet walk, looking for birds.  Read More….



Spider Lake

Spider lake features a clean sandy beach perfect for water activities on a summer day. The lake is noted for its excellent canoeing, kayaking, and swimming. Paddlers can have a quiet day exploring the shoreline and the many secluded nooks and bays of this lake. You can find this lake close to horne lake. Spider lake is good for freshwater scuba diving. The water is crystal clear and full of life. Read More….



Sproat Lake

Sproat Lake, with over 300 km of shoreline covered in forests of big trees and freshwater so clear you can see 10 meters deep. Vancouver Islands sproat lake is a popular vacation destination. The lake is located alongside the highway to Tofino, Ucluelet and the Pacific Rim National Park. Homes and cottages dot the lakeshore, but the majority of the shoreline is uninhabited and lined by beaches and mist-filled rain forest. Read More….



Stella Lake

Stella lake has 3 very nice recreation sites, the Stella Bay Rec Site has room for up to 2 groups of campers, the Stella North Rec Site has is for one group only, but the Stella Beach Rec Site is quite big with room for 14 groups of campers and this one has an awesome beach that’s safe for the kids. There are a number of other wilderness campsites scattered around the lake. Read More….



Stewart Lake

To get to Stewart Lake, just drive to the Sayward valley turn off, but turn left here off the highway and follow the white river main for about 30 km.  Continue up the White River Mainline until you come to the Stewart lake road, follow this road until you get to the lake. The camping is just exquisite here and the views will take your breath away. Read More….



Upana Lake

The scenery is quite breathtaking with mountains and valleys, rivers and streams, and then you also have the upana caves just above the lake. These caves are pretty awesome. There is plenty of wildlife and birds to keep your camera snapping and your eyes will be filled with wonder of the forests. You have a great chance in seeing bears, cougars, wolves, elk or deer. Read More….



Upper Campbell Lake

Upper campbell lake is a large man-made lake that was created when the government of the day built the Strathcona dam. This is one of three lakes that were created by dams on the same water system. This lake is located 27 km southwest of Campbell River, access to the lake is directly off the Gold River Highway or down the old elk river timber logging road, but this road is in rough shape. Read More….



Upper Quinsam Lake

The Upper Quinsam Lake is a wonderful lake to canoe and there are many bays and islands to explore. There is a large variety of wildlife in this area and you stand a good chance of seeing black bears, roosevelt elk, blacktail deer, cougars and many little creatures like squirrels, raccoons, and pine martins. There are many different kinds of birds here, songbirds, waterfowl and raptures all use this lake, so bring your camera and have a good time. Read More….



Vernon Lake

Vernon Lake is located in the nimpkish valley on north Vancouver Island. There are lots of hiking trails in the area and plenty of wildlife here including, black bears, elk, blacktail deer, cougars, wolves, beavers, otters and maybe even a grizzly bear, ( they say we might have a breeding population of the big bears here now). There are plenty of birds here and a great abundance of wildflowers. Read More….



Victoria Lake

This is an outstanding Vancouver Island area lake with abundant with some incredible wildlife viewing opportunities, great fishing excitement and the convenience of road access. Victoria Lake is a pristine 1500 hectare lake just 5 km east of Port Alice and 60 km southwest of Port Hardy. The lake is fed by limestone enriched water from the marble river drainage system and forms an integral part of the marble river basin itself. Read More….



Woss Lake

Woss lake is a large body of water that is easily accessed by car. There is an abundance of wildlife in the area including black bears, cougars, wolves, blacktail deer and roosevelt elk along with lots of different bird species. The wildflower show in the late spring is pretty incredible and the insect life on the shores is awesome, so bring your camera. Read More….



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