Regan Lake

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Lakes, Pacific Northwest

Regan Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Regan Lake, Photo By Russ Porter

Regan lake is a very nice little lake up in the oyster river area. You can reach the lake from the Comox logging mainline. This lake has some nice camping areas and the trout can get to a pretty nice size. Best to use a canoe or kayak to fish this lake and it is a great way to explore the lake. This is a quiet lake that most times, you will be the only ones here.

There is plenty of wildlife to see here and you can see black bears, elk, deer, cougars and wolves, along with the little ones like the raccoons, pine martins and squirrels. The bird life here is awesome, lots of songbirds and we always see red tailed hawks here.

Regan Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Regan Lake, Photo By Russ Porter

The shallows around the shore is home to many different dragonflies that hunt if flight. The shoreline weeds are home to lots of amphibians, like frogs and salamanders. At night you can hear the barred owls as they hunt and sometimes the wolves are close enough to hear. Love the sound of the wolves as they howl at night.

The wildflower shows that happen in the late spring are something to see and in the fall, you can find lots of edible mushrooms here. There are pine mushrooms, chanterelles, both white and yellow, chicken in the woods mushrooms and honey mushrooms all here at the same time, nothing like a big feed of fresh mushrooms that have been fried in butter.

The roads in this area could be active logging roads at anytime, so to avoid being forced into a ditch, drive slow with your lights on and keep an eye for these big trucks, remember, they can’t just stop.

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