Reginald Lake

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Lakes, Pacific Northwest

Reginald Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Reginald Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

Reginald Lake is a very nice lake, there are some fair sized trout here and a few very nice campsites. Its in close proximity to Campbell River and very easy to reach. Nice for camping, fishing or just a picnic.
You reach Reginald Lake via beavertail lake rd, just continue past the campsite on beavertail and watch for the access road to the lake, its a rough road and easy to miss.

Reginald Lake,Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Reginald Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

This is a premier lake for canoeing or kayaking lake. There are so many bays and islands to explore and the loons nest here in the summer months, you can hear them all day long. There are lots of other waterfowl here as well. Its awesome to just softly paddle around looking at these birds. Watch the water for beavers, we always see them here going about their business of being beavers. The area is full of wildlife and you have a good chance of seeing black bears, roosevelt elk, black tail deer, cougars, wolves and many types of birds. You will see lots of insect life here too, dragonflies in the thousands of many types. Frogs and salamanders are also quite common here. Bring your camera and take home some memories.

You can reach beavertail lake and miller creek in the same area and there is great camping at both areas along with boat ramps and toilets.

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