Stewart Lake

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Stewart Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Stewart Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

To get to Stewart Lake, just drive to the sayward valley turn off, but turn left here off the highway and follow the white river main for about 30 km.  Continue up the White River Mainline until you come to the Stewart lake road, follow this road until you get to the lake.

You will go by the white river park on your way to the lake. There are many big trees here, they call it the cathedral grove of the north island, its a nice place to stop. They did a Hollywood film in the park, a movie with Demi More and Gary Oldman, “The Scarlett Letter”, you can still see some of the boardwalks and bridges that were built for the movie.

You will also see many of our great Island mountains on your way into Stewart Lake, Mountains like warden peak, victoria peak and the watchtower peak, these are some of the Islands premier climbing mountains, I have climbed them all but Victoria Peak was always my favorite.

Stewart Lake, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Stewart Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

The fishing in this lake can be just awesome with some cutthroat trout reaching 3 kg or more in size and many great 30 to 40 cm pan fryers available for your hooks. It is not uncommon to catch fish in the 2 kg size here in this lake. Consort creek flows into the lake and out again on its way to the white river. This is a pretty stream with some amazing fishing including the odd real big Steelhead, these fish can be found right up to the lake.

The camping is just exquisite here and the views will take your breath away. There are many kinds of wildlife for your camera including black bear, roosevelt elk, black tail deer, cougars, wolves, raccoons, pine martins and beavers plus many types of birds.

So come on up and check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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