Vernon Lake

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Vernon Lake
Vernon Lake, Photo By Bud Logan

Vernon Lake is located in the nimpkish valley on north Vancouver Island. There are 24 campsites located on this picturesque lake. there is a good boat launch on the lake and a wonderful sandy beach waiting for the swimmers. This is a great family camping spot.

The fishing is awesome with big rainbows and dollies just waiting to get hold of your line. Some of these fish can reach the 3 kg range and fight like the devil. If your not into fishing, then maybe you would like to take in the wind surfing that can be had on this lake, its become quite popular here. You can also just put in a canoe or kayak and head out to explore this wonderful lake at a nice relaxed pace.

There are lots of hiking trails in the area and plenty of wildlife here including, black bears, elk, black tail deer, cougars, wolves, beavers, otters and maybe even a grizzly bear, ( they say we might have a breeding population of the big bears here now). There are plenty of birds here and a great abundance of wild flowers.

If you continue up the road for about 3 more clicks, you will come to kiyu creek, you can park your car on the side of the road and hike along the creek to the Nimpkish river where an island of big first growth trees has been left as an ecological reserve, the trees here are 300 t0 400 yrs old and are quite impressive to see. This is a must do hike as this is an incredible place to see, one time, as i got to the river, there was a heard elk crossing to the shore from the island, they were creating quite a splash as they moved through the water, it was beautiful.

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