Pye Mountain Rec Site

Pye Mountain Rec Site, Parks, Pacific Northwest
Pye Mountain Rec Site, Photo By Bud Logan

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The Pye Mountain Rec Site is roaring to go and off-road enthusiasts of Vancouver Island have been enjoying the trails. It took 3 years of building trails and of course the facilities of the campground.

There was a huge base of volunteers that worked for those 3 years to make this happen. Mike Coulter, president of the Campbell River ATV club was instrumental in the creation of this off-road ATV rec site and trails, but to hear him talk of it, he says he was just the spoke person and the real honor goes to those volunteers who made this happen.

The rec site is just north of Roberts Lake, there is 4 km of trails that are part of the trail system, but many more side trails are being created as time goes on. There are 24 sites for camping, picnic tables, outhouses, fire pits, plus a sheltered area with a very large fire pit for group gatherings. The individual campsites are large enough for trailers, 5th wheels, and anything else that comes with you. There is a permanent ramp for offloading your ATVs that is pretty awesome.

Pye Mountain Rec Site, Parks, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Pye Mountain Rec Site, Photo By Bud Logan

Vancouver Island North has a resource-based economy and still does, but it’s winding down, and some smaller communities are feeling the pinch, the new economy will depend on tourism, we have so much to offer here. One of these tourism-based adventures that are going full steam is off-road vehicular-based, this is being proven to be a big draw. Tourism-based businesses are getting excited about it and are getting behind a drive to make the north island a destination for this.

Camping at the Pye Mountain is geared towards the ATV crowd but is open to all and the trail systems are multi-use trails.

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