Resolution Park

Resolution Park, Parks, Pacific Northwest
Resolution Park, Zeballos, Photo By Bud Logan

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Resolution Park is a sweet little campsite a few km from Zeballos on the road to fair harbor. There are 7 sites, picnic tables, pit toilets, and a wonderful wharf for your use. Rhodes creek runs through the site and fishing is the best reason to be here. I personally just love the campground, it really is a great place to spend a few nights.

I have just learned that a winter storm this year (2017-2018) has caused damage to the wharf and until repairs can be made, it is closed until further notice. There is a logging camp that has sunk somewhere near Resolution Park and some dangerous deadheads are floating around the inlet, please be careful when boating here.

The park is a great place to use as a base for kayaking the inlet, there is so much to see and so much history. From here you can head over to little Zeballos and hike the numerous trails there,  there is a great trail that is called the Ehatis forest walk, this trail takes over the mountain and down into Zeballos. You could head up the inlet to the Zeballos River Estuary and explore this bird haven.

Resolution Park, Parks, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Resolution Park, Zeballos, Photo By Bud Logan

Not more than 50 meters further along the road is the  Espinosa Inlet Rec Site, put a kayak in here and you can explore both little Espinosa inlet and Espinosa inlet, there is a narrow point at the junction and this provides quite a drop with rushing rapids.

The wildlife viewing here is awesome, with plenty of black bears to see and always the chance of seeing a cougar. You could also see raccoons, mink, sea otters, sea lions, seals, whales, and a vast variety of birds. So bring your camera, go exploring and have an adventure of a lifetime.

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