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Admiral Broeren

In the Sayward Valley area, way up high above Cooper Creek, in the Salmon River watershed, at the end of long rough road, you will reach the Admiral Broeren Rec Site and the home of Vancouver Islands biggest Cypress, (Yellow Cedar). The area has many large trees with some almost as big as the Admiral. Admiral Broeren is about 11 meters in circumference and about 50 meters high. Read More….


Alder Bay Resort

Alder Bay Resort, Vancouver Island, BCAlder Bay Resort has 30 acres of private land with abundant walk-on waterfront, fully serviced RV pull through sites, easy boat launch and dock facilities, Alder Bay Resort is ideally suited to be the focal point of your Northern Vancouver Island adventure. There are many activities to make your stay awesome, you can go kayaking to whale watching and everything in between here at the bay. Read More….



Alice Lake Rec Site

Alice lake Park is located on Alice Lake, it is a very pretty lake located on the north end of Vancouver Island. It is one of a series of good fishing lakes just off the Port Alice highway, which runs down the west side of the lake. There is plenty of wildlife here and you will have a good chance of seeing elk, deer, bears, possibly a wolf or cougar and a huge variety of birds. So don’t forget to bring your camera so you can take home some memories. Read More….



Antler Lake Rec Site

The Antler Lake Rec Site is located about 3 km from the town of Gold River. The recreational site is well looked after with picnic sites with fire pits and tables. This is a day-use site with no camping. It is a very pretty place and you will have plenty of opportunities to view a wide variety of wildlife and birds. Don’t forget to bring your camera. Read More….



Anuntz Lake Rec Site

To get to the Anuntz Lake Rec Site you head up the inland island highway from Woss until you come to the Zeballos turn off. From there, you head down the Zeballos road until you come to the river main road. Turn here and drive until you reach the Anuntz Lake Recreational Site turn off. I would recommend that you use a truck as this road can get rough. Read More….



Atluck Lake Rec Site

The Atluck lake rec site has plenty of room for camping and a boat launch. The camping here is pretty awesome. There are 2 campgrounds that have a boat launch along with camping. Both sites are awesome and are right on the lake. Camping here is pretty good, you will enjoy yourself. There are several other rustic campsites on the lake. Read More….



Auger Point Park

Strathcona Park is the oldest park in B.C. It became a provincial park in 1911.  Strathcona Park is truly a  wilderness park. There are many high peaks here, most have trails that are well maintained. There are lakes and mountain tarns that are like jewels surrounded by the high country forests and meadows, some of these lakes have campsites complete with tent platforms to keep you off the ground. The whole park has many trails, some are easy short trails to various area wonders and waterfalls, others are week-long treks requiring wilderness skills. Read More….


Bamberton Park

The Bamberton Provincial Park Situated in Mill Bay, it is a beautiful place to visit. The white sandy beach and picnic areas at the beach are great places to sunbath. Situated on the west side of Saanich Inlet, the park is a great place for a picnic. The views from the beach are awesome and kids will love swimming at the beach. Up off the beach area is a well-maintained campground surrounded by a forest full of arbutus trees is available for camping, there are 50 camping sites here. Read More….



Beacon Hill Park

Beacon Hill Park is one of those wonders that abound on Vancouver Island, it is a place of beauty. The park has a long history that goes back many thousands of years and was a gathering place for the Lekwungen people, we know them as the Songhees People now. They would harvest camas roots here, in amongst the Gary oak forests. In 1842, the hill was selected as the site for fort Victoria. In 1878 over fears of war with Russia, batteries were placed on the hill that had two 64 pound guns mounted. Read More….



Big Bay Rec Site

Big bay Rec Site is on Lower Campbell lake. There are many, many places to camp here besides the main campground, and they all offer something. Some are great places to fish, others are great for swimming. Some can have large groups camp together and most of the camping spots are free to camp at and are maintained by the BC Forest Service. There are many spots that can be reached by boat that give you complete privacy, great if you have dogs that barks. Read More….



Botanical Beach Park

Botanical Beach Park is on the west coast of Vancouver Island northwest of Victoria. The beach has 251 hectares of forest habitat, but most people visit to see the abundance of intertidal life at low tide.  The area is one of the most amazing places on the entire West Coast. There is one of the most amazing trails that run between Botanical Beach Park and Botany Bay, this trail is got to have the wildest twisted trees you will ever see, my wife and l love walking along this trail. Read More….



Bowen Park

Bowen Park is located right in the middle of Nanaimo BC. This is a beautiful park with plenty of trails along the Millstone River that runs through the park. These are interpretive trails, the parks 36 acres are mostly undeveloped and a real jewel for the city of Nanaimo. You can walk to a very pretty waterfall that includes a fish ladder where you can observe the salmon as they move up the river.  Read More….



Cape Scott Park

Cape Scott Provincial Park is a rugged, isolated, beautiful park located at the north end of Vancouver Island. The park was created in 1973, the park has over 115 kilometers of incredible, remote and scenic beaches, estuaries and trails for you to enjoy. The park starts at Shushartie Bay in the east, then stretches westward around Cape Scott running south to San Josef Bay. White sand beaches dominate the park with the most impressive being Nels Bight. Read More….



Carmanah walbran Park

Carmanah Walbran Park is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island and is by far the most beautiful place on earth. It is a rugged area full of waterfalls and giants, a land of mists full of animals and plants of incredible beauty. A place that one should see and walk in just once in their life. Carmanah Walbran is home to giant spruce trees that can reach heights in excess of 95 metres, some of these trees could be over 900 years old.  Read More….



Cathedral Grove Park

Cathedral Grove is located in the Macmillan Provincial Park. To get there from the Inland Island Hwy, you take the Port Alberni Hwy and follow it until you pass Cameron lake, the park is just past the end of the lake when you are heading west. Cathedral Grove Park was created to protect and save a few hectares (157 hectares) of old-growth forest. I am quite pleased with this. This grove is a wonder. Read More….



Cluxewe Campground

The Cluxewe Campground is located just outside of Port Mcneill.  The campground is owned and managed by the  Kwakiutl. The Cluxewe word has several meanings, ” place of the changing river mouth” and “place of refuge”. I love this resort and campground, even though you are only minutes away from Port Mcneill and all the modern amenities, you will feel like you are a million miles away from all the hustle of the modern world. Read More….



Collier Dam Park

Collier Dam Park is a very popular park within the city boundaries of Nanaimo. It is a pretty awesome freshwater swimming spot that is big enough to take a lot of activity. The park is a dog walking park where the upper section is an off-leash area, this means off-leash not out of control. This makes it a very special place when the wife and I go walking in the park, we meet so many dogs, most of them are very well behaved and extremely friendly, we love this.  Read More….



Comox Lake Campground

The Comox Lake Campground Park is a jewel of a site. It has beautiful sandy beaches, a swimming float, boat launch, dock and a great concession shop where you can pick up needed items that you left at home. There are 18 sites that are serviced with water and power, and there are 41 un-serviced sites that are set back into the forest, a few of these are walk in sites that are surrounded by old-growth forests. Read More….



Cougar Creek Campground

Cougar Creek is located on the Nesook Bay road, it runs off the Head Bay road that will take you to Tahsis from Gold River. It’s a sweet campsite that is quite reasonably priced.  The cost per night is $12, seiners stay for $6, $10 per night parking or $40 a week, there is a boat launch that is free to use for campers or $5 fee for those who are not staying.  you are welcome to stay for a max of 14 days. The campground is open to camping year-round, fees are charged from mid-May to mid-September.  Read More….



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