Anuntz Lake Rec Site

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Anuntz Lake Rec Site, Parks, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Anuntz Lake Rec Site, Photo By Bud Logan

To get to the Anuntz Lake Rec Site you head up the inland island highway from Woss until you come to the Zeballos turn off. From there, you head down the Zeballos road until you come to the river main road. Turn here and drive until you reach the Anuntz Lake Recreational Site turn off. I would recommend that you use a truck as this road can get rough.

Anuntz lake is located on Vancouver Island. It is stocked with cutthroat and has a population of wild rainbow and dolly varden trout. The recreational site has individual camping sites and a boat launch. The lake is pretty deep and trolling is the best way to fish it. You can fly fish in the shallows from a kayak or canoe just at the night bite and latch on to some incredible rainbows and cutthroats as they move into the shallows to feed. Not to mention the views you will get from your craft.

Anuntz Lake Rec Site, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Anuntz Lake Rec Site, Photo By Bud Logan

The lake flows into Nimpkish lake and fishing the river that runs between them is a great way to spend the day. The Anuntz Lake Rec Site is a great place to camp, the scenery is quite awesome and the fishing is incredible. So if you are looking for a place to spend a few days enjoying the great outdoors, this is a nice spot to do it.

Wolfe, Atluck and Anuntz lakes all drain into the larger Nimpkish lake. Roselle and bonanza Lakes are also located nearby. All of these lakes have great campgrounds, boat launches and are stocked with fish. Anyone one of them will provide an adventure of a lifetime.

You have a great chance of seeing black bears, elk, deer, birds and other small animals like beavers and otters at this lake. I love birding here, some of the more rarer birds on the site were photographed in this area.

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