Carmanah Walbran Park

Walbran Carmanah Park, Pacific Northwest Parks
A giant Cedar That Fell Of Natural Causes, Walbran Carmanah Valley. Photo By Bud Logan

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Carmanah Walbran Park is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island and is by far the most beautiful place on earth. It is a rugged area full of waterfalls and giants, a land of mists, full of animals and plants of incredible beauty. A place that one should see and walk in just once in their life.

Carmanah Walbran is home to giant spruce trees that can reach heights in excess of 95 meters, some of these trees could be over 900 years old. There are cedar trees here that are over 1000 years, awesome trees to see. The park is often used for forest research and education.

Carmanah Walbran Park, Parks, Pacific Northwest
Carmanah Walbran Park, Photo By Bud Logan

The park offers many life-changing hiking experiences for visitors, how could you not come away from meeting these giant trees and walking in this diverse and wonderful rain forest setting unchanged.

There are trails throughout the park that will take to many of its places of wonder, but remember, this is a wilderness park and the trails can be rough, steep, and in the rainy season, very muddy. Make sure you are prepared and have all the proper maps and guide material if you are new here.

The Park is located 20 km northwest of Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island. There are three different routes leading to the Caycuse River Bridge, which is the only way to access the park.

When traveling from Port Alberni, you should follow the Bamfield Road for approximately 40 km to the Franklin River Junction. At the junction, turn left onto South Main and proceed eastward, past the logging camp buildings and toward Nitinat Lake. Continue on South Main for approximately 23 km to the Nitinat River Bridge. Stay on South Main until reaching the Caycuse River Bridge.

Carmanah Walbran Park, Pacific Northwest Parks
Giant Cedar, Photo By Bud Logan

Travelers from Port Renfrew should follow the Lake Cowichan Connector Road north to Honeymoon Bay. At Honeymoon Bay, turn left and proceed along South Shore Road, which becomes Nitinat Main, continuing to the junction of Nitinat Main and South Main. Turn left onto South Main and proceed to the Caycuse River Bridge.

Those accessing the park via Lake Cowichan should follow South Shore Road past Gordon Bay Provincial Park to the Nitinat Main, or follow the North Shore Road through Youbou to the Nitinat Main. Continue along Nitinat Main till it connects with Junction South. Turn left onto South Main and proceed to the Caycuse River Bridge.

Once you have crossed the Caycuse River Bridge, turn right immediately and proceed on Rosander Main for approximately 29 km to the park.

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