Cluxewe Campground

Cluxewe Campground, Parks, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Cluxewe Campground, Photo By Bud Logan

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The Cluxewe Campground is located just outside of Port Mcneill, Vancouver Island.  The campground is owned and managed by the  Kwakiutl. The Cluxewe word has several meanings, place of the changing river mouth and place of refuge.

I love this resort and campground, even though you are only minutes away from Port Mcneill and all the modern amenities, you will feel like you are a million miles away from all the hustle of the modern world.

You are camping just above the beach with the ocean waves rolling in, this is such a wonderful sound. Let the waves lull you to sleep and the haunting sounds of loons will greet you at sunrise. Watch both sunrises and sunsets from your porch in one of the cabins at the resort. Each of the twelve cabins has full kitchen facilities as well as gas barbecues, TV with VCR’s and satellite television.

Cluxewe Campground, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Cluxewe Resort Campground, Photo By Bud Logan

The campground has 147 campsites with many of them located right on the beach. There is a wonderful little café located at the resort where you can dine well enjoying the ocean views. The resort is a great place to use as a base as you get involved in many types of activities. You can head out right from the shores of the resort with your kayaks to explore the area, you could see whales, dolphins, seals and a vast variety of birdlife, in the fall you can kayak in the river estuary with the pink salmon as they return to spawn. You don’t own a kayak or are new to it, no worries, there are many tour companies on the north island that will take you out on the journey of a lifetime, tours range from half days to week-long adventures.

There are many hiking trails in the area and if you like caving, there are some pretty awesome caving adventures for you. The cluxewe River has many pinks that return to spawn and the black bears can get very busy. I have seen many bears feeding as I wander the river trail just below the hatchery.

So if you are looking to get away on a trip to the north island, then the Cluxewe resort campground is the place to stay, don’t forget to bring your camera and take home some pretty awesome memories.

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