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Joe Walker Park

The Joe Walker Park is located just between Buckley Bay and Union Bay on the east coast of Vancouver Island. The park is a long narrow park, there are over 500 meters of shoreline in the park but the park runs on the narrow ocean side of the highway. This is one of those spots that are nice to stop for a relaxing break as you travel along the highway, its a pleasant park with great views and with the possibility of seeing various types of sea-life makes it a great place to stop. Read More….



Kaikash Creek Rec Site

The campground at the Kaikash Creek Rec Site is a remote campground. It is only accessible by water. It is extensively used by kayakers. there is freshwater here and quite a few campsites all located just up from one of the longest beaches in the area. It has composting toilets, picnic tables, and privacy. The beach is almost a km long and is located 11 km south of Telegraph Cove and only 6 km north of Robson Bight Ecological Reserve boundary. Read More….



Kains Lake Rec Site

The Kains Lake Rec Site is located on Kains Lake, you can find it on the Holberg rd about west 14 km of Port Hardy. There is a very good chance to see some of our larger animals like bears, elk, deer or maybe even a cougar and there are many types of smaller animals here, animals like pine martens, raccoons, mink, beaver, otters and many more. So, when you drop in to visit this little lake at the rec site, don’t forget to bring your camera and take home some memories. Read More….



Kennedy Lake Park

Kennedy Lake Park is a great place to visit, the lake is located between the communities of Tofino and Ucluelet. Kennedy Lake Park is a recreation destination for kayaking, boating, canoeing, picnicking, swimming, camping, and sightseeing. The park includes two day-use areas, campsites, and a boat launch. Both picnic areas are located on the south end of the lake. Read More….



Kin Beach Provincial Park

Kin Beach Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, BCKin Beach Park can be found out in the Comox area. To reach this park, drive to the Comox Airbase Gate and turn left, follow the road for a few km and you will see the entrance to the park.  Kin Beach Park offers a beautiful day-use area with picnic facilities, a playground,  and beach trails, as well as a campground. This small park is right on the Strait of Georgia and you can quite often see dolphins, seals, and sea lions as well as awesome views of the coastal mountains. Read More….



Kinsol Trestle Park

The Kinsol Trestle that crosses the Koksilah river is a pretty amazing sight to see. It is one of eight trestles that are part of the Cowichan River Trail that is part of Trans- Canada Trail. The Kinsol Trestle being 205 meters long and 48 meters high is one of the largest free-standing timber trestles in the world. The trestle is located a bit southwest of Duncan, you drive through the village of Shawnigan Lake and along the lake by the same name, it’s a pleasant drive.  Read More….



Kitty Coleman Provincial Park

The Kitty Coleman Provincial Park is located on the south side of the Straight Of Georgia. The park is a nice place to visit, it is in between Campbell River and the Comox Valley and it is a very popular park for camping, picnicking, swimming, fishing and a great base for day trips out in a kayak. The park has picnic shelter with tables, pit toilets, nature trails, 2 boat launches and plenty of camping areas for both singles as well as group camping. Read More….



Klaklakama Lake Rec Site

The Klaklakama Lake Rec Site or might I say, klaklakama lakes Rec Sites, there are two of them, are called the highlight of the Nimpkish Valley by some, I do agree. The mountain views you get as you drive these roads are incredible, take your time and enjoy them, l am always taken back with the beauty of this area. I am sure you will be too. Read More….



kye Bay Play Park

Kye Bay Play Park, Vancouver Island, BCKye Bay has one of the prettiest beaches that you can find on the east side of Vancouver Island. The beach can run out for a great distance when the tide is out, allowing you to explore the many tide pools left behind. There is a nice little play park with picnic tables and an awesome view of the bay located here, my grandson loves coming here to play when we are in Comox. Read More




Little Qualicum Falls Park

One of my favorite places to visit on Vancouver Island is the Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park. Little Qualicum Falls Park has a series of beautiful waterfalls that tumble down a rocky canyon in a misty forest, this is a mythical place of beauty and wildness all surrounded by mountain peaks, a sight of wonder awaits you here. This is truly one of the most beautiful parks on central Vancouver Island. Read More….



Lizard Lake Rec Site

The Lizard lake rec Site is a nice little rec site on the South Island. Lizard lake is a very popular lake 18 km northeast of Port Renfrew. It is easily accessed off the Harris Creek mainline. The lake gets its name from the salamanders who live and breed here, there are many. The west coast wet rain forests are perfect for these salamanders to breed in and this lake seems to be very popular to them. Read More….



Loudon Park

Loudon Park on Long Lake is a popular lake located in North Nanaimo, it is a very popular spot for swimming, fishing and quite a variety of paddling sports like canoeing, kayaking, paddle boarding, rowing and walking. It’s a nice spot to have a picnic. There is a walking trail that runs between Norwell Dive and 101 Street. It’s a pleasant walking path. Read More….



McCreight Lake Rec Sites

I first fished McCreight lake back in the early 60s, it was called bear lake then. This lake is set in some very nice country, mountains and valleys with wildlife all around you. There are 3 recreation sites on the lake along with lots of camping areas plus several car-top boat launches. At the west end of the lake, there is a trail that takes you down to where the creek that feeds the lake flows in, there is a nice sandy beach here and lots of room for camping, this is such a nice beach. Read More….



Memekay Horse Camp Rec Site

The Memekay Horse Camp is located near the river with the same name, the Memekay River, this site was created to serve as the north end campsite the Salmon-Brewster Horse Trail. This site has a large shelter, high lines, and horse corrals. each site has 2 small corrals and plenty of room for trucks, campers and horse trailers. Read More….



Miller Creek Rec Site

A few years ago, the road into the Miller Creek Rec Site was completely redone and a great campsite was put in, there are quite a few campsites with tables and fire pits. It all comes with a sandy beach and wondrous views. This is a very nice spot, lots of great places to park a camper or pitch a tent and plenty of beach for the kids to play at. This is an exceptional site that is only a few minutes out of Campbell River. Read More….



Miracle Beach Park

As a camping destination, few locations can beat the beautiful Miracle Beach Park, located between Campbell River and the Comox Valley.  Miracle Beach Park is right on the water’s edge. A large white sandy beach on the shores of the inland straights is the main attraction at Miracle Beach. Read More….



Moorecroft Park

In 1934, Gertrude Moore created Moorecroft Camp for women on the site of the current Moorecroft Park. she named the camp after her childhood home back in Ontario. In October 2010, the Regional District of Nanaimo voted unanimously to purchase the land to put to use as a Regional Park. By January 2013 the management plan was complete. It was completed using guidelines put forth by the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Conservation Covenant. Read More….



Morton Lake Park

Morton Lake Park is located north of Campbell River in the Sayward forest area. The park is on the shores of Morton lake and also on a portion of the adjoining Mohun lake. There are 24 campsites, all car accessible on Morton Lake. 12 of these can be reserved. There is a real nice day-use area with picnic tables, and a wonderful sandy beach area for swimming, along with two change houses, pit toilets, and an information area. Read More….



Neck Point Park

Neck Point Park is a pretty awesome place to spend a day exploring. Everything from fine pebble beaches to rugged rock cliffs with plenty of trails that will lead from one incredible view to another and there are many views here, all of which will take your breath away. There more things to do here than would ever think could be contained in just 36 acres. Its a paradise for photographers, its a place of wonders for all. Read More….



Nimpkish Lake Campsite

Nimpkish Lake Campsite, Vancouver Island, BCNimpkish lake is located in the Nimpkish Valley and it is a big lake. It is 20 km + long and quite narrow. The wind can come up on this body of water to produce some extremely large waves that will put you to shore to wait it out so be careful. On the other hand, it is an ideal place to camp, wind-surf and kite-sail. There is a great campsite that can be reached by road or from the kinman creek via a great trail that runs south along the lake. Read More….




Nitinat River Park

The Nitinat River Provincial Park is comprised of 160 hectares of BC coastal rainforest that includes several endangered species of plants like the tooth leaved monkey flower and the scouler’s corydalis, both are quite rare and beautiful. The park protects the river where summer steelhead, winter steelhead, sea-run cutthroat, rainbow trout, chum, coho and chinook salmon spawning beds. The park also protects a forest of big trees. Read More….



Nixon Creek Campground

The Nixon Creek Campground is a very pretty site, the rec site has 48 campsites right on the edge of Cowichan Lake, a great site for canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and swimming.  This is a great family site surrounded by a beautiful older stand with a real west coast feel. There is a great beach where it is easy to launch boats, kayaks or canoes. The site fee is $15.00, but there is a $2.00 premium on waterfront sites. Read More….



Octopus Islands Marine Park

Octopus Islands Provincial Marine Park is located along the northeast coast of Quadra Island. The park is a spectacular destination for ocean kayaking enthusiasts. The park is 404 hectares of land and another 458 hectares on the foreshore. The underwater life here is incredible that is due to a high concentration of nutrients in the cold northern waters. Read More….



Oyster River Nature Park

Oyster River park, Vancouver Island, BCThe Oyster River Nature Park is a great place to go for a walk, you have the river on one side and the farm fields on the other side. There are some awesome trails that wander through some very nice trees. You will find Douglas Fir, Big Leave Maple, Western Cedar, Red Alder, Western Hemlock and a variety of shrubs and flowers. Read More….





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