Kaikash Campground

Kaikash Creek Rec Site, Parks, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Kaikash Creek Campground, Photo By Bud Logan

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The Kaikash Campground is a remote campground. It is only accessible by water. It is extensively used by kayakers. there is freshwater here and quite a few campsites all located just up from one of the longest beaches in the area. It has composting toilets, picnic tables, and privacy. The beach is almost a km long and is located 11 km south of Telegraph Cove and only 6 km north of Robson Bight Ecological Reserve boundary located on Vancouver Island.

This is a premier site for viewing sea life, I have seen humpback whales feeding just offshore and the killer whales will hunt along the kelp forests that run all along the beach. The Kaikash Rec Site is a great location for a base camp. From here you can go out every day and see new territory as you search for humpback whales, killer whales, dall’s porpoise’s, dolphins, sea-lions and seals. It’s pretty awesome to see these beautiful animals in their natural environments. When you are here, keep yours open, you could see plenty of eagles, ravens, mink, and squirrels along with the other life here.

You can look for the smaller sea creatures at low tide as you wander along this wonderful beach, just look into the small tidal pools and be amazed at its small wonders. There is a very real chance to view black bears feeding along the tide line here as well as seeing blacktail deer, especially where the creek flows into Broughton straight.

Kaikash Creek Campground, Broughton Straight, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Kaikash Creek Rec Site, Photo By Bud Logan

Along the beach are other private campsites where tour companies bring their customers. These sites are well-built, unobtrusive, and generally add a mix of people you might meet and pleasantly chat with as you wander along the beach.

The creek itself is a nice little creek that is fairly easy to walk up and explore, there are numerous pools and small rapids along this little creek all surrounded by some incredible forest settings. The rec site is maintained by the Namgis people.

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