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Ports & Harbors, Pacific Northwest

Port Hardy, Ports & Harbors
Port Hardy, Photo By Bud Logan

The Pacific Northwest has many Ports & Harbors, some are small like Winter Harbor while others are huge like the Victoria or Nanaimo harbors, some of these are managed well with environmental standards that are amazing while some others are disasters in regards to these issues.

The Pacific Northwest has for the past 100 yrs been driven by a resource based economy but over the past few years we have seen it begin to change into a tourist based economy. With this change, we are seeing some of these ports being cleaned up and returned more to their natural states, there is still industry here but where-ever its possible, the environment has been getting a hand. Most of this work has and is being taken on by non profit groups manned by volunteers. I tip my hat to these folks, they are making a difference.

Zebellos Harbor, Ports & Harbors
Zeballos Harbor, Photo By Bud Logan

Many of these ports are situated in river estuaries, so the issues are quite broad, everything from sewage outflows to salmon rearing areas. Log dumps have left so much debris on the bottom of some of these ports and harbors and the only way to bring life back is to clean this up. This is a daunting job with many problems associated with the cure.

The David Suzuki Foundation has been creating videos about rewilding the Vancouver area, these videos are quite inspiring. There are many volunteer groups out there doing just that. To see these streams that had become dead from industrial damage being brought back to life is a pretty awesome thing. It pleases me to see this drive to help nature take back where it can. Driven by volunteers and funded by donations, these are projects that we can all get behind.

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