Campbell River Harbor

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Ports & Harbors, Pacific Northwest

Campbell River Harbor , Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Campbell River Harbor, Photo By Bud Logan

The Campbell River Harbor is an exciting place. As a boy, l spent a lot of time here, fishing, playing, swimming and getting out in my row boat. It was a place that a young feller could find endless treasures and one was always having fun.

For many, many years the Coast Salish lived on the shores of the Campbell River area, including those on Quadra Island. Then for some reason, in the early 1800s, they left their villages here and moved to the Comox and Qualicum areas. Then the Kwakiutl First Nations from further north on the Island moved south and occupied the vacated lands left by the Salish.

The Salmon and the Cedar were and are still very important to

the First Nations people. The sea supplied more than salmon though and the people ate well from it, getting most of their food there. The Cedar was a tree that was looked upon as a wondrous gift from the great spirit and it supplied them with materials for clothing, ropes, canoes, houses, totem poles and so many other uses including medicine. The abundance of food and other supplies left time for leisure and this developed into a rich culture full of dances and masks, today the Salmon is still very important to the First Peoples people of the region. The cedar is still a great gift and Carvers are still creating masks, canoes, poles and big houses.

Campbell River Harbor, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Campbell River Harbor, Photo By Bud Logan

Our salmon and the surrounding forests will and have played important roles in our lives. At one time it was commercially by logging and fishing, but now we are migrating towards a tourist based economy with hiking, biking, camping, fishing and wildlife viewing of bears, whales and many other wonders. There are many types of tours that can be accessed from the various harbors around town.

The harbors located in Campbell River are still a very busy place, with all kinds of activities taking place, commercial and tourist based. I have always enjoyed walking around the docks, chatting with the fishermen and checking out some of the large yachts that have journeyed here from other parts of the world.

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