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Adam River

The Adam River is a nice river where you can always see wildlife and there are many birds who nest in the area. Every time I have been here, I have seen black bears, blacktail deer, herds of elk, cougars, smaller animals like otters, pine martins and raccoons are also quite numerous and the birdlife here would satisfy any birder who visits. So if you are heading to this river, bring your camera and expect to be amazed. Read More….



Amor De Cosmo Creek

The Amour De Cosmo Creek flows out of Grace Lake, on its journey to the ocean it crosses the North Island Highway about 8 km past Roberts Lake. After crossing the Highway it flows into McCreight Lake, after passing through this lake it runs through a number of slow almost pond-like areas of the river before flowing right down to the Pacific, just south of Palmer Bay. Read More….



Artlish River

The Artlish River has some awesome steelhead trout fishing in March and April and in the fall, sea-run cutthroat and coho salmon are in abundance and provide some incredible fishing. This river is very remote but can be accessed through some rough logging roads from Zeballos on the west coast of the Island. Read More….



Ash River

With its headwaters in Strathcona Provincial Park, the Ash River is a beautiful little stream that winds its way through some very pretty lakes, valleys and deep gorges before entering the Stamp River system, northwest of Port Alberni. This one of the nicest watersheds on the island, I always love visiting it. Read More….



Atluck Creek

The Atluck Creek Canyon runs through the Husan Cave System. There are a number of interesting karst features, including a natural bridge, and a large “cathedral” cave entrance where the creek flows underground for 60 meters. The bridge feature is unique to Vancouver Island. Trails lead you through the area give you some really nice views of the river. Read More….



Bedwell River

Located on the west coast of Vancouver Island is the absolutely beautiful Bedwell River Valley. This is one of the most awesome places on Vancouver Island and one that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. The river runs from Bedwell Lake to Bedwell Sound. The Bedwell River valley was first surveyed in 1856 by John Buttle, who found gold in the valley. Read More….



Benson Creek

Nanaimo has some incredible rivers, creeks, and waterfalls, all are fairly easy to reach and they are for the most part well worth the hike. A short by very pleasant hike is the trail that takes you into the Benson Creek. The hike in is quite pleasing and you could see deer, raccoons, possible elk or black bears along with any number of birds. Looking down, you might see some of the forest floor creatures like snakes, salamanders, and frogs. At the end of the trail, you will also reach Ammonite Falls. Read More….



Benson River

There is a magical karst system in the area around Benson River, here you can see the Devil’s Bath, its a huge cenote that is formed in a very large bowl of rock, its water is constantly filled by an underwater cave that connects to the Benson River. You can also see the disappearing river, this is another beautiful place, where the river flows down a canyon and into a cave that drops down quite a ways. Another two km further along and it reappears again. Read More….



Big Tree Creek

Big Tree Creek flows under the highway just south of Sayward. It’s a very pretty creek that has its headwaters in the Prince Of Wales Mountain Range on Vancouver Island. There are a number of trails that run through these mountains. There is a pretty awesome waterfall just below the highway bridge that is not to hard to get down too, providing you are in shape, it’s steep and quite brushy so take your time and keep your feet under you. Read More….



Black Creek

There is trail will take you along the side of Black Creek until it flows into to the sea, this is a premier trail. There are some pretty nice views here as this is a very pretty creek and plenty of flowers, wildlife, and birds to see so bring your camera when you visit. Read More…..



Brown River

The Brown River is located on Vancouver Island, in the Comox Valley area. It is an awesome little river with an incredible series of waterfalls called the medicine bowl falls. In the winter, these falls are just wild, but in the summer months, the water flow slows down and you can swim in the bowls that have been carved out by the water, the water gets nice and warm, it’s great. Read More….



Cameron River

The Cameron River starts at labor day lake and after running through the Cameron River Canyon it flows into Cameron Lake, Cameron Lake is located on the Port Alberni Highway. You will find a picnic area and boat launch at the east end of Cameron Lake and the beginning of cathedral grove forest at the west end, you can see some very impressive trees in this park. Macmillan Provincial Park runs along the south side of the lake. Read More….



Campbell River

The Campbell River is only 5 km long but in its short run is some of the best fishing on the Island. I have fished this river for more than 55 years and still love it. Along its banks, you will find some great fishing spots, but in the fall you will need to share this river with others, they come here to fish for pinks. The pink fishery is incredible and the river fills with them, and the river shore fills with fishermen looking to hook into some. Read More….



Caycuse River

The Caycuse River flows into Nitinat lake. The river offers summer and winter runs of steelhead. The river is open only to fly fishing above Hatton creek. This is a really pretty river, lots of areas to fish. The fly fishing on this river is quite exciting and when you hook into a big one, its a real thrill. We like to release all that we catch in this river. Read More….



Cluxwe River

The small Cluxwe River flows into Broughton Strait just north of Port McNeill on the east coast of North Vancouver Island. Despite its relatively short length, the Clux’we River supports a sizeable run of winter steelhead and a few sea-run cutthroat. Stocking of cutthroat trout has been initiated in the hope of developing the fishery for this species. Read More….



Coleman Creek

Coleman Creek flows out of Darlington Lake, located on the Bamfield Road just west of the old Franklin Camp Site. The creek is a great little fishing spot where you can catch some nice size cutthroat trout and a few big dollies as well. There are a winter and summer run of steelhead here and the salmon runs are awesome to watch at the lower end. Read More….



Consort Creek

To get to Consort Creek and Stewart Lake, just drive to the Sayward valley turn off, but turn left here off the highway and follow the white river main for about 30 km. You will go by the white river park where there are many big trees, it’s a nice place to stop. Continue up the White River Mainline until you come to the Stewart lake rd, follow this road until you get to the lake. Read More….



Conuma River

Conuma River is located on the road to Tahsis and is quite the river. The Conuma Gorge that is found just off the road is incredible. If you turn right just past the Conuma River bridge and drive up maybe a km, you can view this creek in all its glory, but be careful, if you slip into this gorge, you could disappear forever. I wonder if this creek has ever been kayaked before or even if it would be possible. Read More….



Cowichan River

The famous Cowichan River is one of those rivers that fishing shows love to highlight, l recently watched a fishing show on TV about this river and it sure got me going, the brown trout they were catching were incredible. The beautiful scenery and awesome fishing brings anglers from all over the world to try their luck at the Cowichan. Read More….



Davie River

Schoen lake and the Davie River gives you access to wilderness hiking, fishing and camping, the lake and its outflow river is in one of the most beautiful areas on Vancouver Island. Schoen lake park is located northwest of Campbell River in the nimpkish valley, the park is a little more primitive than some parks, but the chance to view nature in all its glory more than makes up for the lack of modern amenities. This is a nice lake with breathtaking beauty all around it. Read More….



Elk River

The Elk River is a very pretty little river located just outside Gold River, the fishing is awesome and the wildlife viewing is out of this world. Then there is the elk river trail, one of the highlights of the North Island. The elk river trail is a very pleasant and popular trail through a forested valley with some very big trees, the trail is suitable for family hikes.  The trail was once an old elk trail that has been improved over the years.  Read More….



Englishman River

Located in the Errington, Coombs area, the Englishman River is just north of Nanaimo, the river flows into the sea at the south end of Parksville. The river falls provincial park features two incredible beautiful waterfalls that descend down to the river flowing in an awesome canyon below. These waterfalls and canyon are set in a wet and lush west coast rain forest of douglas fir, hemlock, and cedar trees and are a great area from which to explore the incredible diversity of Vancouver Island. Read More….



Eve River

Fishing is improving in the Eve River and one of the best places to fish is at the junction pool, where the Adam river joins. Its such a beautiful spot located where the two rivers join, the fish can get pretty big here. The spot is so nice that l never really care if I get a bite, it’s nice to just be here. The steelhead society’s habitat restoration corporation has done some incredible work in both these rivers as well in the kunnum, montague and tlatlos creeks. Read More….



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