Big Tree Creek

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Big Tree Creek, Rivers, Vancouver Island, BC
Big Tree Creek, Photo By Bud Logan

Big Tree Creek flows under the highway just south of Sayward. It’s a very pretty creek that has its headwaters in the Prince Of Wales Mountain Range on Vancouver Island. There are a number of trails that run through these mountains. There is a pretty awesome waterfall just below the highway bridge that is not to hard to get down too, providing you are in shape, it’s steep and quite brushy so take your time and keep your feet under you.

The lower part of the creek is much calmer and it meanders along until it reaches the Salmon River just north of the Marine Harvest Facility, the Marine Harvest Fish Hatchery has a freshwater system for growing the fish that are eventually sent out to many farms that operate along our coast.

Big Tree Creek, Rivers, Pacific Northwest
Big Tree Creek Falls, Photo By Bud Logan

The waterfall is quite the sight to see, I went down earlier this year right after a sustained period of rain, my son Robert and I made the hike. It was quite wild and pretty full creating a thundering roar as the water dropped over the edge and crashed into the bottom of the falls.

Where the Big Tree Creek joins the Salmon River is a very popular place to fish, there is a great trail that heads down from a sign along the highway. This trail goes through a forest of nice trees, they are second-growth but are quite large. It’s a nice trail.

Big Tree Creek, Rivers, Pacific Northwest

The fishing is good in the lower creek, expect to hook into rainbow trout,dolly varden and in the fall you just might hook onto a pink salmon.

You can see elk here at any time of the year and during fall salmon runs, there is a very good chance in seeing Black Bears fishing. You will always see squirrels and maybe you might see raccoons or martins along with mink and deer. The birdlife is impressive and you will many types along the shores of this creek

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