Cameron River

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Rivers, Pacific Northwest

Cameron River, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Cameron River, Photo By Bud Logan

The Cameron River starts at labor day lake and after running through the Cameron River Canyon it flows into Cameron Lake, Cameron Lake is located on the Port Alberni highway. You will find a picnic area and boat launch at the east end of Cameron Lake and the beginning of cathedral grove forest at the west end, you can see some very impressive trees in this park. Macmillan Provincial Park runs along the south side of the lake.

Cameron lake is a very deep lake and is quite unique because it contains brown trout that can reach upwards of 6.5 kg in weight and fight like the devil. These brown trout are notoriously hard to catch but when you get one on, well, you know you have one on.

The lake is also stocked with rainbow, cutthroat and kokanee trout that can reach 2 kg and are fun to catch. This makes for a great fishing trip. The best way to fish this lake is by trolling deep, where those big brownies are waiting. But you can have some success fishing from shore and towards the evening, you can get some nice strikes using a fly rod.

Cameron River, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Cameron River, Photo By Bud Logan

Cameron River Canyon has a wild kayaking river run with some incredible drops and fast water runs, it is one of the islands premier kayak runs. This is not for amateurs though, its a wild canyon ride.

The wildlife here is incredible, you could see bears, cougars, deer, elk and wolves at anytime and there are many smaller forest creatures to see as well like the raccoons, pine martins and squirrels, the bird life is awesome and quite varied so bring your camera and take home some memories.

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  1. Cameron Lake is no longer stocked. An assessment was done and it was determined the lake didn’t need any stocking as it is very healthy. The trout they did stock remain now as spawning residents. The lake now has two strains of Rainbows in addition to Browns, Kokanee, Cutthroats and Sculpin.

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