Campbell River

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The Campbell River is only 5 km long but in its short run is some of the best fishing on the Island. I have fished this river for more than 55 years and still love it.

Along its banks, you will find some great fishing spots, but in the fall you will need to share this river with others, they come here to fish for pinks. The pink fishery is incredible and the river fills with them, and the river shore fills with fishermen looking to hook into some.

You might want to try out the summer and winter Steelhead runs or just fish for the rainbow and cutthroat trout that can be caught year-round. I put my first line into this river in 1961 when I was 6 yrs old and have always loved fishing here.

I remember one time when I was a young man, I went down to the lower part of the river to try my luck and when I got there, my spot was already taken by a very well equipped fella who had all the latest gear.

Campbell River
Campbell River, Photo By Robert Logan

So I walked upstream a bit to find another place to try my luck. As I got to a spot just above the angler, I ran into another fisherman, a young native lad who had a stick with a line and a hook, fishing with worms.

So I sat down to watch these two anglers go about fishing. In about an hour the young man with the stick had his limit of very nice trout and the other angler, well he had no fish yet. Just goes to show its not the gear but the know-how that gets you fish.

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