Davie River

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Rivers, Pacific Northwest

Davie River, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Davie River, Photo By Bud Logan

The Davie River is closed during the winter, but you can fish the river in the months of June and July, there are some big rainbows that if you can entice them to bite  will give you a great fight.

The river is a well used kayak river with some great rapids and waterfalls. Davie river flows out of Schoen Lake and runs until it joins the Nimkish River just above the woss camp. Some of the rapids can be very active and l would suggest you have someone who has done the run before with you the first time you do the river.

Schoen lake and the Davie River  gives you access to wilderness hiking, fishing and camping, the lake and its outflow river is in one of the most beautiful areas on Vancouver Island. Schoen lake park is located northwest of Campbell River in the nimpkish valley, the park is a little more primitive than some parks, but the chance to view nature in all its glory more than makes up for the lack of modern amenities. This is a nice lake with breathtaking beauty all around it.

Davie River, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Davie River, Photo By Bud Logan

The nimpkish river offers great steelhead fishing in both a summer run in June/September and again in a winter run in January to April. There is a sea run of dolly varden in the spring and there is a year round fishery for resident rainbow and cutthroat trout.

Vancouver Islands nimpkish river valley is a beautiful, incredible rugged and remote watershed. From its headwaters in the mountains near Gold River it winds its way towards the northeast Island, past Woss Lake, growing as numerous streams and creeks join it until it flows into nimpkish lake.

The Schoen Lake, Davie River and the Nimkish River area can deliver an incredible adventure. So grab your gear, your camera and head on out to see its beauty, its wildlife, and its high mountains and raging rivers. You will not regret it.

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