Englishman River

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Rivers, Pacific Northwest

Englishman River, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Englishman River, Photo By Bud Logan

Located in the Errington, Coombs area, the Englishman River is just north of Nanaimo, the river flows into the sea at the south end of Parksville. The Englishman River falls provincial park features two incredible beautiful waterfalls that descend down to the river flowing in an awesome canyon below.

These waterfalls and canyon are set in a wet and lush west coast rain forest of douglas fir, hemlock and cedar trees and is a great area from which to explore the incredible diversity of Vancouver Island. Nearby you have the cathedral grove forest to the west and the sandy shores of Parksville and Qualicum to the east.

The park has a large picnic area and campground and contains numerous hiking trails that wander through the rain forest and along the river. Visitors can expect incredible views as they make their way along the trails and from the two bridges that cross the river where it plunges down the narrow canyon on its way to the tranquil waters below. The lower falls drop into a deep clear pool that is an ideal spot for a swim in the summer when river levels are low and a great place to view spawning salmon in the fall.

Englishman River Falls Provincial Park is located 13 km southwest of Parksville on central Vancouver Island.

Englishman River, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Englishman River, Photo By Bud Logan

Take Errington road off highway 4, toward Port Alberni. Directional signs are posted on main highways. Nearby communities include: Parksville, Qualicum and Coombs. Animals must be on a leash at all times in the park.

The park was established in 1940. There is an abundance of wildlife including many types of birds here so bring your camera. The Englishman River got its name, according to legend because many years ago, the First Peoples from this area found the bones of a white man along the river near the bottom of the waterfall.

I lived in Coombs for a number of years in the early 70s and always enjoyed hiking in this park.

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