Jordon River

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Rivers, Pacific Northwest

Jordon River, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Jordon River, Photo By Bud Logan

The Jordon River flows into the Pacific at the town of Jordan River, the river has some good fishing and some awesome scenery, but the best part of the area is the surfing at the sea. Jordon River one of those surf areas you like to be at on windy days. The beach itself has sandy patches, but is mostly big, round, worn boulders. There is a private campground, plus an oyster bar, fish and chips shack and the far out pizza restaurant.

The River is located in Juan de Fuca Provincial Park, along the west coast road about 60 km up from Victoria, and it is home to the informal Jordon River Surf Club. The locals tend to be turf conscious and are rather protective of their place in the lineup. Any attempt to drop in out of turn risks a wrathful encounter. But follow the rules and you will be surfing and having a blast.

Jordon River, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Jordon River, Photo By Bud Logan

The waves only work on one tide, and specific wind and swell directions, so visitors may not encounter surfing conditions if only visiting for a couple of days. This spot breaks overhead about 3 times per year on average in the winter providing some incredible rides.

There are three different spots to surf here, the sewers, the point, and the rock piles. The ideal board for local conditions is slightly longer and wider than normal, and with three fins, which makes catching the waves easier in less than optimum conditions.

The are has some pretty big  cedars and there is always a good chance in seeing wildlife, you could see bears, elk, deer, cougars and lately there have been wolves spotted around here. If you look to the sea, there is always the chance in seeing a whale or other large sea mammal and the otters are plentiful and so much fun to watch.

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