Leiner River

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Rivers, Pacific Northwest

Leiner River, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Leiner River, Photo By Bud Logan

The leiner river has a  great fall run of coho when the fall rains are heavy. To fish the waters of leiner river beyond the mouth and estuary requires you to bushwhack from the head bay road. The hike is worth it though as the fishing is good for native cutthroats and rainbows.

But if that is not enough to get you there then the wildlife will. You can expect to see black bears, black tail deer, cougars ( maybe) and numerous birds and small animals, so come on over and see for yourself and bring your camera.

The City of Tahsis maintains a small site on the river, just outside of town. A popular day use spot, it has easy access to the river, swimming holes and a small sandy beach. To reach this river from Gold River, you take the head bay road (Tahsis Road) and follow it almost to Tahsis where you’ll see a campsite sign on the left at the junction of the access road.

Leiner River, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Leiner River, Photo By Bud Logan

There are several great hiking trails that run along side the leiner river, one is called the bouldering trail and it runs through, under and over some enormous boulders and gives you some great views of the river as it tumbles down from the mountains.

Then there is the Leiner river boardwalk trail that runs from the trail head just outside of town right down to the salt flats. There are quite a few board walk sections on the trail that are made up of raised walkways with some awesome viewing spots built in. The day use site is just up from here and has a nice trail that runs alongside the river where a profound amount of wildflowers bloom, l love this trail.


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