Menzies Creek

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Menzies creek along with its estuary is located in Menzies bay. This is a very beautiful creek and one that l have always enjoyed hiking along. The creek is such a beautiful, slow running and shaded place with such big trees along its banks, almost prehistoric. It always gives me such a good feeling to just sit and watch the birds and little creatures that abound here as they move about under and in the giant trees. The creek empties into Menzies Bay and there is a nice estuary there, l love coming here at low tide and hiking around, looking at all the little sea creatures that abound here. Was fortunate enough to see a clam worm spawn this year, they come in on the high tide, spawn and then die. When l was there, the beach was littered with them.

There is always plenty of fresh bear sign here, so if you are walking along the creek, please make some noise so the bears will know you there and you won’t surprise one. This is a small stream but it has a fairly nice run of spring salmon, this brings the bears.

Menzies creek is fed from little lake and jasper lake and numerous small flows from the mountains. This is quite the place to have a picnic in the summer or maybe even do some camping and as it is the trail head to the ripple rock trail, you can go on that hike as well.

Menzies Creek
Menzies Creek, Photo By Bud Logan

There is an abundance of wildlife here that includes black bears, cougars, roosevelt elk, black tail deer, pine martens, otters, beavers, mink, raccoons, squirrels and plenty of sea birds as well as numerous types of woodland birds. In 2016, l saw a beautiful Osprey here. So when you visit, remember to bring your camera so you can take home some memories.

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