Miller Creek

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Rivers, Pacific Northwest

Miller Creek, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Miller Creek, Photo By Bud Logan

Miller creek is a great place to go fishing, have a picnic or spend a few days enjoying the great outdoors. The creek starts its journey in Upper Quinsam Lake, goes through Wokas Lake, Gooseneck Lake, Snakehead Lake before finally entering into the miller creek lagoon on Lower Campbell Lake.

The fishing is awesome just off shore and the miller creek estuary is a quiet place to spin cast or bobber fish. If you have a boat, you can fish at many places along the shores of the Lower Campbell Lake.

I have been going to this spot for almost 55 years and have seen many changes over this time. When l first went into miller creek with my dad back in 1962, it was a fairly good road for a truck and the fishing was incredible but then by the 80s, the road was almost impassable. A good friend and l always went grouse hunting in this area and would end the day by fishing at the creek. It was always an adventure trying to get in and out. But we always came home with a few grouse and a good feed of trout.

Miller Creek, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Miller Creek, Photo By Bud Logan

A few years ago, the road was completely redone and a great campsite was put in, there are quite a few campsites with tables and fire pits. It all comes with a sandy beach and wondrous views. This is a very nice spot, lots of great places to park a camper or pitch a tent and plenty of beach for the kids to play at. This is an exceptional site that is only a few minutes out of campbell river.

The wildlife is plentiful and you could see black bears, elk, deer, beavers, otters and a variety of birds. The scenery is absolutely perfect and the area is beautiful, so come on up for a look and bring your camera.

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