Nahwitti River

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Rivers, Pacific Northwest

Nahwitti River, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Nahwitti River, Photo By Bud Logan

There is excellent cutthroat and sea run dolly fishing in the Nahwitti River, and during the late winter, early spring months, there is a run of steelhead. The lower portion of the watershed is hard to reach, you can get there by boat or just fight your way through the brush. The upper portion is much easier to reach and can be accessed through Holberg.

The Nawitti River flows from Nahwitti lake until it reaches the sea just north of Port Hardy. The watershed is one of the biggest on the lsland, it drains a huge area. Some of the streams that join up to the Nawitti are quite large and wonderful to fish, while others have severe damage from logging, these others are in desperate need of some intensive stewardship. An enhancement project to create a better habitat has been going on for a number of years with moderate success, more work needs to be done yet.

Nahwitti River, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Nahwitti River, Photo By Bud Logan

One of the tributaries receiving help is chalk creek, the creek at one time provided spawning and rearing habitat for coho salmon, steelhead, cutthroat trout, and dolly varden. Logging activity has not been kind to the creek, especially in the lower section, salmon do still spawn here but in much smaller numbers. It will take time but these volunteers are dedicated to the project.

This is a wilderness area and its full of wildlife, you could see wolves, cougars, black bears, black tail deer, roosevelt elk, raccoons, squirrels, pine martins and many kinds of birds. I am always amazed at the variety of wild flowers on the northern tip of Vancouver Island. So when you visit, don`t forget to bring your camera.

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  1. Sorry, but the Nahwitti and the Godspeed rivers are not connected. They are completely separate drainages. They do not join. Rivers and lakes can have many tributaries but only one out flow/ drainage , as water will flow out the path of least resistance. There may be a few exceptions somewhere in the world I’m sure, but not usually.

    • yes you are right Noah, not sure where my head was at when i wrote that, thanks for bringing it to my attention, nahwitti flows out to the east side of the island where as the goodspeed flows west to holberg.

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