Rogers Creek

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Rivers, Pacific Northwest

Rogers Creek, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Rogers Creek, Photo By Bud Logan

In the city of Port Alberni, there flows a wonderful little stream called rogers creek, it runs through the Rogers Creek Park. To get to the park, turn left off Johnston road on Adelaide road, the park has a sheltered picnic area beneath some beautiful west coast trees.

There is a great little trail on the way in to Port Alberni, as you are coming into town, you will see the Coombs Country Candy Store, right beside the store is a gravel parking lot where you can leave your car. Park here and go across the hwy, but please be careful as cars come around both corners quite quick. Once on the other side, go up the hill about 50 meters and you will see a trail heading down from the road.

As you go along you will see painted arrow direction signs, follow these and they will take you to the hole in the wall, you have to see this. now after you see the hole in the wall area, go back up the steep section of trail and go left at the top and follow that trail for about 10 minutes and you will come to rogers creek waterfall. Another spot you should see.

Rogers Creek, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Rogers Creek, Photo By Bud Logan

The creek flows through the town of Port Alberni before joining the Somas River. The creek is one of the few island creeks that allow you to fish with bait. But Rogers creek can only be fished by those who are under 16 or over the age of 65.

There is a salmon spawn in the fall and a great run of summer steelhead and some very nice resident trout to make your day of fishing fun. After fishing, you could enjoy a nice picnic.

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