Sooke River

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Rivers, Pacific Northwest

Sooke River, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Sooke River, Photo By Bud Logan

The Sooke River is a small stream flowing south from Sooke Lake into Sooke Basin on the Juan De Fuca Strait on southern Vancouver Island. The River crosses Highway 14 approximately 30 km southwest of Victoria. The River starts where Leech River, Wolf Creek and Council Creek all come together, where they join is at an old town, its now a ghost town, called Leechtown, there are great trails here and a nice park.

The fishable length of the River is 5 km, with good paved access from the road to Sooke Potholes Provincial Park, along the east side of the River. The potholes are very popular in the summer months for swimming.

Fishing pressure is moderate, but the numbers of steelhead are expected to increase due to regular hatchery releases. The River supports cutthroat trout, resident rainbow trout and fall runs of chinook and coho salmon. Fly fishing for chum salmon is excellent in the estuary and lower reaches of the Sooke River.

Sooke River, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Sooke River, Photo By Bud Logan

Sooke Potholes Provincial Park has many smooth rock pools and potholes that were carved naturally into the bedrock by the flow of glaciers. Glacial action during the last ice age created these formations, as the moving, melting ice scoured the surface area and carved a path deep into the bedrock. The water in this very popular park is absolutely clear and clean, providing a wonderful swimming and picnicking destination in the summer.

The Sooke River has some great runs of coho and chinook salmon and the Sooke Potholes Provincial Park is an excellent location for viewing them. There are many trails for hiking and viewing other animals and birds by the thousands, so when you visit, don’t forget your camera.

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