Woodhus Creek

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Rivers, Pacific Northwest

Woodhus Creek, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Woodhus Creek, Photo By Bud Logan

Woodhus Creek is located between the Comox Valley and Campbell River, there is a very popular walking trail at the lower end of the creek, at the woodhus slough. Further up the creek you will find some great hiking along a wonderful little creek. There are no trails here so you need to bushwhack it but its worth it as you will see some awesome vistas here.

The wildlife is quite abundant and you have a great chance of seeing bears, martins, squirrels and possible a cougar or wolf along with many types of birds, both song and hunter. The fishing is pretty good with both rainbows and cutthroats in the creek.

There is a great many types of wildflowers and trees here also and the berry picking is awesome with blueberries, trailing blackberries, wild strawberries, huckleberries and indian plum all growing along this little creek.

Woodhus Creek, Vancouver Island, Pacific Northwest
Woodhus Creek, Photo By Bud Logan

Woodhus slough provides year round bird habitat for many types of birds. The farm fields are full of geese, both Canada and white fronted and there are many swans that feed throughout the winter here, and the slough is full of ducks throughout the winter months. Along the edge of the slough you will find shrub brush and willow thickets where you can see many types of songbirds and Woodpeckers. Birds of prey such as bald eagles, falcons and red tailed Hawks visit the fields and slough along with barred and snowy owls.

The Woodhus farm and slough got its name when the Woodhus family bought the land and moved to the area from Cumberland. They built a hotel here in 1910 and lived there until 1951, the hotel was destroyed by fire that year. The hotel was called the half way house because of its location, it was half ways between the Comox Valley and Campbell River.

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